Barry will you marry me?

Not my husband Barry because he already did marry me! I am talking about Barry the fabulous man with the hands that cut my hair this week!!!

I don't think he can marry me though. I am already married and he's in a relationship. Oh well.

I LOVE MY HAIR!! I love it better than I ever have with my old hairdresser! I really do!

Today was the first day I actually fixed my hair to leave the house. It's awesome!!!!!! My hair is just different. Don't say, "But Michelle how can it be different because it's just short hair?" Well, it can be. It feels different. It looks different. It's just different. A good kind of different!

I love short hair!!!

I Love my short hair.


Kati said…
I think it looks good.. I dont think I could pull off short hair.. or I am too scared to try?!
Kemi Ingram said…
It looks nice... and cool!
Crystall said…
It looks great and easy to fix. Beats the heck out of hot curlers....puting them in, waiting, getting dressed while they curl and stretching out your nice shirts trying to fit them over your big head with curlers, then taking them out, hairspray, etc. Exhausting!
BTW, how did you land a hairdresser with the same name as your husband's? Barry is not THAT popular is it?
Supermom said…
Thank you!!!!!!

I love short hair! It suits me!

Crystall~~ OMGoodness! You made me exhausted reading that! Please tell me that is NOT your routine!!!

PS. Couldn't you put your shirt on after you take the rollers out then style your hair?

~amused smile~

Michelle :)
Supermom said…
Oh. That's how I knew he was meant for me. The hairdresser that is!

It was fate! HA HA!
HeartMommy said…
I love the short hair and the necklace!! Years ago I cut my LONG hair into a short pixie and it was FUN!
You look like a SuperMom.
What salon is Barry with? I am looking for a SuperStylist.