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I've moved.

Yes, I know it's Thursday.

I just had the worst childhood memory.

Supermom is still sick.

Dear Mother Nature,

Mom Bloggers ROCK!

Is sick blogging like drunk blogging?

Google is my new family doctor.

I'm a lousy patient.

Superdad has to become a pastry chef!!

Dammit Dunkin Donuts

Good Morning! Got Coffee?

Barry will you marry me?

A week in review.

Let's CELEBRATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Supermom family is heading to Washington, DC.

Yes, it does say what you think it does!!

Supermom hearts Barry.

A picture of Supermom breastfeeding.

The quest to find a new hairdresser.

Close your eyes!

Just once I'd love to be recognized.

I went to Pigeon Forge, TN and all you get is this blog post!

A week in review #4.

How you doin'?

My boobs are different sizes.

I got nothing.

HEAD Part 2.

Just SAY NO to HEAD!!!

Evian Roller Babies US

Getting Boys to Read

A week in review #3.

By Invitaion Only! No RSVP required.

I Drive a Freaking Minivan!

Grrrrrrr Dammit

Lil O still hasn't figured it out.

Supermom talks about weight.

I Love it!

The Way You Make Me Feel

A recap of my day.

Ask Supermom

Happy July 4th!!

I am such a total G O O B E R ! ! ! !

A week in review #2..

TGIF ! ! ! ! !

Vintage Buttons, Bee's and Yogurt.

I Promise.

A day in my shoes. Or part of it anyway.