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No word from Hewlett-Packard about sponsorship so I have to have Plan B.

I have emailed them two times the past two plus weeks. All I have received is the one email. Nothing else. Not even a Dear John email.

I am left to assume the answer is a no.

We are counting down the weeks until I trip.

Coming up with Plan B.

I just had the worst childhood memory.

My grandmother called to check on me. She said,

"If you were here I'd give you some castor oil."

I about cried from the memories that flooded back. I will require therapy for that.

Supermom is still sick.

A crazy thought came to me yesterday! I hoped I wouldn't forget it in my sick haze of high! I did BUT I eventually remembered it.

I thought of a brilliant way to teach kids about sex education. Maybe just make them wait a bit longer to experiment. Who wants to think about their grandparents having sex?? LORD KNOWS I DONT!!!

I think all sex education classes should be taught by older Dr Ruth type women. Do you think it was gross the fifth graders out by hearing all about sex from their grandmother??

It's just an idea. Remember I am sick and on cold meds. This may not be the perfect solution but it sure made me laugh when it came to me.

Dear Mother Nature,

You suck!


Mom Bloggers ROCK!

I was number 1 but now I am number 2!

Go check these great women out and you will find enjoyable reading!

PS. Make me number 1 again why don't you!!!!!

Is sick blogging like drunk blogging?

Not that I have ever blogged under the influence!!!! ~cough cough~

While in bed over the weekend I was blogging from my Blackberry. I had crazy weird thoughts going through my head.

Like I was a superhero who could kick ass. I could save the world if only I felt better!!

I guess drunk blogging I would be kicking ass and saving the world. Ridding it of mean evil people.

Sick blogging isn't as extreme as drunk blogging. I AM GUESSING!!

Sick blogging is whiny blogging, boo hoo no one is taking care of me. I could be dying in here and all everyone else thinks about is, "Is MOM staying in bed all day?"

Superdad was lost without me this weekend. These are actual things he said to me over the weekend.

"Are you going to stay in bed all day?"

"Come watch TV with me, you can lay on the couch."

"This poopy diaper is yours."

"Aren't you going to spend anytime with me this weekend?"

"I guess this means no sex this weekend." Said in a JOKING way!!!!

I tease. Well, no I don't because he actually said all that to me. As I was sick in bed! Drooling all over my pillow thinking about sex, chocolate, peanut butter and donuts!


These are actual things that I have said over the weekend.

"If I was going to be an alcoholic I would have been one a long time ago."

"Because the BED is softer than the couch."

"I am NOT changing that diaper."

"What do you mean you won't become a pastry chef?"


Yes, it has been entertaining in our house the past couple of days. Would have made for some great video blogging!

Over the weekend I was Twittering random things to do while you are in bed sick.

~Program all your cell phone numbers into the house phone.

~Paint you toenails all a different color.

~Pluck your eyebrows.

~Dream about a beach that didn't allow kids or husbands!! HA HA!! I tease!

Google is my new family doctor.

This was an actual conversation changed to make you laugh.

Renee~ Dammit Michelle call the doctor. You could have pneumonia!! Then end up in the ER and flat on your back for weeks!

Supermom~ I don't have pneumonia.

Renee~ I cannot believe you!! How do you know it's not pneumonia??

Supermom~ Because I Googled it!!

I'm a lousy patient.

I have been in bed all day today and all day yesterday. Which isn't like me at all. Even after surgery I'd have good drugs and been able to get out of bed.

I have whined!

I have moaned! (Not in a good way.)

I have groaned!

I have called friends.

I have read.

I have emailed friends.

I have text-ed friends.

I even called donut places!

Since I had no luck talking Superdad into becoming a pastry chef I had to come up with Plan B. When I feel better I am going to make the ultimate chocolate peanut butter cake

I'll bake two round cake layers in chocolate. Then I will layer them with the creamiest peanut butter. THEN ice the whole cake with with a chocolate peanut butter icing!

That's my plan!

Who needs donuts when I have Plan B?

Let me share a funny story before I climb back in bed with a screaming crying Baby M.

Superdad and Lil O went to get take-out for dinner last night. They brought me home some peanut butter cups. I opened a package for Lil O and she gobbled up her two peanut butter cups. I open my pb cups and she said, "Lets share." I told her, "That wouldn't be fair because you've already had two. Sharing would make you have three and me ONE."

I proceeded to eat my two peanut butter cups while she cried.

I'm all about being fair!!!!

Superdad has to become a pastry chef!!

Okay, I called Krispy Kreme to see about those peanut butter chocolate glazed donuts.

Nope. Nadda.

She did say that they used to make them but they didn't sell that well!!

Obviously I wasn't sick then!!!!

She did say that if she had some peanut butter she would make me some.

Sniff. I want creamed peanut butter filled donuts glazed in chocolate!! Is that too much to ask? You'd think I was asking for world peace.

Okay, guess I will continue to lay here thinking about peanut butter, chocolate, donuts, and sex.

Dammit Dunkin Donuts

I'm in bed sick. My mind is all crazy!! Want to know what I am craving????

A donut filled with creamed peanut butter then glazed with chocolate.

I called Dunkin Donuts from my cell since I am laying here on my death bed. Thinking about sex and that creamy peanut butter covered in chocolate donut!!!

He said it didn't exist. He has peanut butter and jelly. I don't want peanut butter and jelly!!!

Why is it when you are sick all you think about it sex? Or am I the only one?? I'm just asking.

Maybe I am just weird.

Good Morning! Got Coffee?

I thought I would take some special time to type up a blog this beautiful Saturday morning. I have the kids sitting in front of the TV so I have about 15 minutes to check mail and type up this post!

You know exactly what I am talking about!!!!

I better type fast!

Can you believe it's the end of JULY!?!??! It seems like I was sitting in carpool just yesterday! WOW!! I am not ready for the kids to go back to school on August 25. I will miss them. UGH!! That also means I have to BACK TO SCHOOL shop!!! After last year I was traumatized! I will cry when we go this year! Remember that was when I typed up about the WORST day of my life???

That's when H passed out at Target, falling face first in the floor. Which had me screaming and crying for someone to call 911! Then handing Baby M to a total stranger so I could roll my daughter over with the help of a kind stranger. I am getting teary eyed just remembering all this!

So, this year H will be fed an enormous breakfast before we go school for school supplies! I may even make her ride in the back of the cart! Now, that's an idea! I wonder if she would go for that?? Hmm, that would require having B2 push a cart though so we could actually put the supplies in it. Hmmm. This will require some thought! I have a few weeks to plan it out!

Okay, I got sidetracked!

Barry will you marry me?

Not my husband Barry because he already did marry me! I am talking about Barry the fabulous man with the hands that cut my hair this week!!!

I don't think he can marry me though. I am already married and he's in a relationship. Oh well.

I LOVE MY HAIR!! I love it better than I ever have with my old hairdresser! I really do!

Today was the first day I actually fixed my hair to leave the house. It's awesome!!!!!! My hair is just different. Don't say, "But Michelle how can it be different because it's just short hair?" Well, it can be. It feels different. It looks different. It's just different. A good kind of different!

I love short hair!!!

I Love my short hair.

A week in review.

PS. I am having some major bag issues under my eyes the past month!!! Who has tips or advice?? Give it to me please!!! I have tried everything. Except sleep that is. HA HA!!!

Let's CELEBRATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This very blog post marks my


Shake your groove thang!!!!!!!! Let's dance!

I didn't realize I was a few posts shy of 1000 until the other day! I thought, "WOW!" That's pretty cool!

You are more than welcome to send flowers, candy, money or insert a fabulous gift here. I am game!!!!

I just want to give my readers a HUGE BIG GIGANTIC thank you for reading
The Adventures of Supermom! Without you I really would be talking to myself!

Thank you for taking the time to comment and send me emails!!!!! I love reading your comments and writing you back!!!


I hope you have a fabulous day and I look forward to writing 1000 more blog posts!

The Supermom family is heading to Washington, DC.

Country Inns & Suites By Carlson has invited the Supermom family to take a road trip! Including FOUR FREE nights at a Country Inns & Suites!!!!!! Country Inns & Suites has several different trips WITH ITINERARIES to choose from!!!!! Perfect for busy moms and dads looking to entertain the kids for a quick getaway!

Country Inns & Suites, Welcome to Hit the Road Country

I am really excited about this trip! I picked the Founding Father's Country Itinerary. We will be heading to Washington, DC because it has an enormous amount of awesome things to experience. It's a relatively short drive from our house. I am guessing we will spend 7-8 hours in the car to get there! It will be okay though because we can check in to our Country Inns & Suite and take a dip in the indoor pool. After enjoying some COOKIES that is. We will need the sugar and pool to relax after the drive!

I want everyone well rested because the next day, and all the days we will be in DC, I want to see as much as I possibly can!!!!

  • The Museums at the Smithsonian!!!! I know there are like 19 so I will have to pick the ones I really want to explore!
  • The National Zoo to see the Pandas!
  • The White House. I would totally love to meet the President and family but I know that will never happen.
  • The Lincoln Memorial.
  • That's just the icing!!!!

I know this trip will be a wonderful experience for all my children!!!! Thank you Country Inns & Suites for this fabulous offer!!!!!!!

I will be updating my blog with posts and video of our trip. COME ON HP LET A SUPERMOM KNOW IF YOU ARE GOING TO HOOK HER UP WITH A LAPTOP FOR THIS TRIP!!!!! I will also be updating Supermom Tweets on a regular basis while we are away!!!

"What's your idea of the best last-minute vacation?"

Yes, it does say what you think it does!!

We passed AJ's 3 Way Inn coming home from TN and I had to snap a picture with my Blackberry!

I wonder if you can get a room for 3 at the same price for 2? Or do they already have your 3 way planned you just check in??

I'm just saying!?!??!??!?

Supermom hearts Barry.

I was devastated to find out that my hairdresser moved to Texas. It really is a big deal!!! I understand why she moved but but but I didn't want to find a new person to do my hair.

I asked around and I looked around. Then I made an executive decision.

I admit I picked this place because I pass it from time to time and the name is in french. I love french. I know that's a corny reason to trust your hair with someone but I wasn't disappointed.

I made an appointment at L'eau de Vie Salon and Spa.

I actually sat in the chair to the right! It has a beautiful view of Asheville. I am such a people watcher and it would have been totally fabulous to just sit there all day and watch the people below.

This is where I met Barry. This is also where I met his magic hands! We talked about how I usually wear my hair and such. I was a tad bit nervous. He didn't rush me to a sink to wash my hair. He put a few drops of oil in his hands and had me take a deep breath. He then proceeded to massage my neck and head. ~insert deep sigh here~ It was heavenly. I hate to admit this but I felt one single tear escape my right eye. It was that good.

It was nice to have a mans hands touching me without any expectations. Make sense. I wanted to rip off my clothes for a full body massage. Now now, get your minds out of the gutters. I am not that kind of woman and Barry isn't that kind of man. I meant a real massage. A real massage with my kids NO WHERE near the building in earshot.

I know things happen for a reason. There were too many signs! I was meant to find Barry today! First, my husbands name is Barry. It's not a popular name! Second, Barry has a cat named Madeline!!! NO JOKE!!!!

I am sorry I lost Deeanne but I am glad to have found Barry.

If you are ever in need of a wonderful Salon in Asheville, NC then you need to check out L'eau de Vie Salon. He was worth every bit of the $50.00 I was charged today!! It's a bit more than I usually pay but he gives so much more!

Thank you Barry! I enjoyed meeting you today and I will be calling you back. Getting your hair cut by someone new is like a first date! You just don't have to worry about a kiss goodnight. :)

My new hair!

A picture of Supermom breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding.  Back to Nature.

I took this picture a minute ago when I was getting Baby M to sleep. I thought it was original to be breastfeeding her and then reading her shirt!

Back to Nature.


The quest to find a new hairdresser.

Has begun!

I have super short hair so I really don't want to spend a fortune to get the 1/4 inch cut off every few weeks.

It puts me in a difficult place. Do I just go to a barber?? Do I go to a Salon and spend a fortune?? Or do I take a stab and try to cut it myself?? I could do the top but would need help with the neckline.

I just don't know.

I was going to call this one place tomorrow but I was told by a very reliable source that they have had bad experiences there before. She also has more hair than I do. I just don't know.

I am going to require therapy for this. I just know I am. DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why me??!??!?!?
I 've got the hairdresser blues.

Close your eyes!

I am about to let the dirty words slip out of my mouth!

HOLY SHIT!??!??!??!?!? My hairdresser/therapist moved to TEXAS!!!!!!! Do you know how hard it is to find a GOOD HAIRDRESSER?!??!??!?!?!? One that knows all about my cowlicks??? Knows I don't like bangs!!!!!!!! Doesn't try to get me to DYE my beautiful grey!!!!!!!!! One who uses a straight razor to cut my hair instead of scissors?!??!??!??!??!

Didn't the last NINE years mean anything to her??!??!??!??!??!?? Was I just a CUSTOMER?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


Seriously I am in panic mode here!!!!!! I love my hairdresser!!! Really really loved her!!!!! She was a total BABE!!!!!!!! An awesome mom and an awesome grandmother! She was caring and kind.

I will miss you!!!! I know why you moved to Texas! I wish you the best!!!

I guess I will be planning a road trip to Texas this weekend so I can get my hair cut!

I'm going to cry now.

Just once I'd love to be recognized.

Is that petty?? I don't think so. I work really hard for my blog and have tons of readers. Thank you for listening to me rant and rave. You are along for the adventurous ride that I call my life.

We were away for the weekend staying at a very busy hotel. A nice hotel. We've been staying there like the past 9 years. We enjoy it that much.

I was laying by the pool people watching. I had this bizarre thought that it would be totally COOL if someone came up and squealed, "I KNOW WHO YOU ARE!! I read your blog!!! It's nice to meet you Supermom!!!!" Then of course I would ask them to sit down with me and we would talk the afternoon away. They'd get to meet my crazy family and we would secretly smile at the topics that I have blogged about.

It didn't happen.

~The closet thing I have gotten to that is when we were signing papers for our refinance at the lawyers office. The girl that was having us sign the papers told me her friend reads my blog and told her about me. ~ It just wasn't the same.

I went to Pigeon Forge, TN and all you get is this blog post!

I was away for the weekend for the annual Pigeon Forge, TN trip with my family. I was going to video all about the weekend but that would take several videos. Since I am not a patient person the uploading would be torture. SO, I will just type it up. Then post pictures. How's that???

First, I had to drive down because I get carsick. I used to be able to read, sew or work on a crossword book as a passenger when taking a road trip. No more. Since Lil O I get terribly sick when in the car as a passenger. So, I drove to TN. No biggie.

It was a bittersweet moment when we got down there. If you are familiar with Pigeon Forge then you know it's a tourist town. Outlet shopping. GO carts. Country music. Don't forget BBQ or pancake places! I think there was a pancake restaurant every 1/4 mile. I am not joking. I wonder if there is a BBQ Pancake house? I wouldn't put it past anyone to merge the two. We get down there and the places that my grandmother and great aunt like to shop at are closed. I know the economy is in the shit. I just never thought I'd see it first hand. I am sure the outlet stores are the first to go when a company is having a difficult time.

It was just sad because I have been making this yearly trip for as long as I can remember. I guess since B2's age. Maybe even younger. To see it failing in a sense was sad. It's a tradition I have come to enjoy and my kids love it. Such is life.

It was a nice trip. We just hung out by the pool. Then hung out by the pool some more. Eat. Play in the pool. Sleep. To make things more exciting my mamaw decided to crash a private par-tay in the hotel. She came up with cheese, crackers and veggies. She just went into the banquet room and helped herself. HA HA!!! She didn't realize it was a private party until after loading her plate down! HILARIOUS!!!

Then my mamaw and niece would have snoring contests. You'd be surprised how loud an eight year old can snore!! Thankfully I am a sound sleeper and didn't hear "Battle of the Bands" during the night.

I enjoyed myself. I hope that everyone did!

I know I am leaving things out. I will just write another blog if more comes to my mind.

Now, for your viewing pleasure:

Just a walking.
Pigeon Forge, TN

My three girls.
Pigeon Forge, TN

Happy Baby playing.
Pigeon Forge, TN

She's too sexy for her suit!
Pigeon Forge, TN

B2 jumping.
Pigeon Forge, TN

Lil O splashing.
Pigeon Forge, TN

My niece.
Pigeon Forge, TN

Three of them are mine and two aren't.
Pigeon Forge, TN

Superdad and Niece.
Pigeon Forge, TN

B is ahead!!!
Pigeon Forge, TN

Where's the passing lane?
Pigeon Forge, TN

Heading for an off road drive.
Pigeon Forge, TN

PS. I'd like to thank the makers of Dramamine for making my ride home more enjoyable. Next time I will follow the directions and take 1/2 to 1 instead of chewing FOUR all at once. I am still stoned!!!!

How you doin'?

~amused laugh here~

I love that line from Friends. I love that Joey Tribbiani could pull it off so well!!!

How you doin'?

I have told H that if a guy comes up to her and says that she is to walk the other way. HA HA!!!

It just popped into my head today so I've been saying it all random today! Kind of like "Don't be hatin" and "That's how I roll".

I can feel my kids cringing as I type this!! Don't they know I am a cool hip mom and they should be proud of me. I try not to embarrass them too much on this blog. I am sure I could though if they make me angry enough. Joking of course. Or am I?

My boobs are different sizes.

I'd like to give a big THANK YOU to breastfeeding! You have managed to make me lopsided!! Just what every woman wants to be! Said in a sarcastic tone!

Yesterday I was checking myself out after my bath. Remembering my body in high school. Pregnant with my first child. After having my first child. Pregnant with my second child. After having my second child and nursing my first child. ETC... Fast forward to now. I saw my body yesterday after having my fourth child. Breastfeeding all four kids and still breastfeeding Baby M.

I was always a small breasted woman. A cups were for me! I loved being an A cup. I didn't have to wear a bra. My breasts were all perky and nice. Just the right size.

Now!!!! They are big. Full with milk. AND terribly lopsided!!!!! All of my kids have preferred the left breast. Perhaps it is a different flavor than the right side. ~shurg~ Perhaps all the peanut butter cups that I eat tend to flavor the left side. I'm just saying!

So, what do I do to get my breasts the same size??? At least CLOSER to the same size!!! I cannot go on being lopsided!! What happens when I stop nursing the babe! Will they stay this way? I wonder if Victoria's Secret will make a special bra for moms that have breastfed. It comes with removable pads of different sizes to use on the smaller breast to make it match the other one. Not a bad idea actually.

I hope I have amused you this Wednesday morning. I know you are laughing WITH me and NOT AT me.

I got nothing.

I don't have anything to blog about.

Just thought I would let you know.

HEAD Part 2.

Let me give you a quick recap.

The boyfriend doesn't have Internet at his house anymore. I have known this because I have spent lots of time with this boy since May. He only gets access when he goes to his friends. Let's call him DA D. You can figure the acronym out for yourself.

So, the BF actually went home yesterday to his house where he doesn't have Internet access. He didn't know any of this until H called him this morning.

Apparently DA D did this on his own. The BF was really upset. H was crying. The BF's parents were involved as well.

I believe him. I may be naive but I believe him. I don't think he was the one that put that comment on his MySpace page. I really believe it was DA D!

Like I have stated before, I have spent time with this boy since May. I have been to his home. Met his mother. Taken him to the pool. Bowling. Out to eat with my friends.

I believe the BF and I believe H.

I thought I would fill you in on today's events! I guess that's why I was so upset is because I like this boy. I would hate to cause him physical pain. REGULATORS REUNITE!!!!

My email to Hewlett-Packard. Part 2.

Okay, I sent a lovely email to the head honcho at HP on Saturday. This was in my mailbox a minute ago:

Thank you for taking the time to send HP your comments.
They have been forwarded to the appropriate people within Hewlett-Packard for their information and review.
Should more clarification or information be needed, you may be contacted


CEO Customer Relations

I hope that Part 3 is even better!!!!!!!!!

Just SAY NO to HEAD!!!

**I removed the actual picture.**
Yes, I covered his face to protect his identity!

Yesterday this Supermom was furious. I mean bite you head off and spit it out FURIOUS! ~breath Michelle~

H has Myspace. For her to have MySpace I know the password and have all the access over her account that I want. Mom can stop by at any time and read comments and check her mail. That's the rules. You want MySpace then you play by MY rules or you don't have it.

Anyway, the account is set up with ONE of my email addresses so the updates come to me! I am a pretty smart mom! This came to my phone yesterday:

um so about that head

Excuse me? I only know ONE meaning of HEAD. I was spitting fire!!!!!!!!!! H was at VBS and wouldn't be home until after 8:30 PM so I had lots of time to stew. I was on pins and needles. Just getting more angry with each passing minute.

She got home and I sent her brother to take a shower then had a HEART TO HEART with her. She was upset and crying because she knew her BF would never say that to her. They both have talked about sex and know that it's not happening and they don't want it to happen. She said he was over at a friends house and his guy friends were teasing him about it earlier. That's how they came to have the sex conversation. LET ME ADD THAT MY DAUGHTER HAS NEVER BEEN GIVEN THE CHANCE TO BE ALONE WITH A BOY!!!!!!!!

I told her that it better COME off his page. She tried to call him at the friends house and there was no answer. She sent him a message through MySpace.

I want to believe her. I really do. I know boys can tease each other. I just don't know.

So today you need to teach your kids my new motto.


Repeat after me.



SAY NO TO HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!

I told her that if it doesn't come off his page that I will wrap his you know what around his neck and show him what head looks like!

PS. Never piss off a Supermom with a VERY PUBLIC BLOG THAT HAS LOTS OF READERS!!!!

Evian Roller Babies US

Tammy King sent me this to post!! Lets all tell her THANK YOU!! This is hilarious!!!

Even Supermoms Get the Blues.

I am feeling totally helpless the past week or maybe even longer. I cannot explain. Is there really any need to explain. I feel like I am being pulled in several directions all at once. I just want to "SCREAM, GIVE ME A F*******MOMENT TO COLLECT MY THOUGHTS PLEASE!"

Entertaining the kids for the summer has been work. Bored kids tend to bicker, argue and slam doors. Well, they slam doors even when they aren't bored. I have great kids so I don't have to worry about them much. B has already had scout camp and next he will go to church camp at the end of the month. H already did her church camp on a nice beach. Wish I could go to camp on the beach for a week where KIDS aren't allowed.

We are getting ready for the trip!!! Remember last year?

I have mentioned about a certain hotel giving 4 mom bloggers a free vacation. My trip is coming together and I cannot WAIT TO TELL YOU ALL ABOUT IT!!!! I will tell you my destination. Washington DC. I get to see the Smithsonian and The White House. The kids are going to love it. I love museums and I know this trip is going to be amazing!!!! When everything is planned I will tell you all about this great opportunity the Superhero family has been given. BONUS: My BF Mary Jane and her husband live in the area so I get to spend time with her!!!!!! MJ and Supermom BACK TOGETHER AGAIN!!! She was just here in May for my birthday!!!!

Supermom at Chuck E Cheese

Anyway, I have been in contact with HP to see if they'd like to hook a Supermom up with a laptop for the trip. I have to update my blog, do video clips and tweet all about the trip while I am on it. PLEASE PLEASE HP HOOK SUPERMOM UP WITH A LAPTOP!!! Why wouldn't you want Supermom to promote for them?? I'd want Supermom to promote for me if I wasn't Supermom. You get the drift!

I am in a total Madonna phase this morning. I have VOGUE blaring. SO, I am going to dance around the house like no one is watching.

Come on Vogue. Let your body move to the music. Come on Vogue. Let you body go with the flow....

Getting Boys to Read

I think every child be encouraged to read and use their imagination! Check this site out to encourage your little guy to read!

Getting Boys to Read

Happy READING!!!!!

By Invitaion Only! No RSVP required.

Lil O and Baby M were having a PAR-TAY in H's room! H thought she would video for our viewing pleasure.

I Drive a Freaking Minivan!

This was a piece of Flair sent to me on Facebook! It's true. I drive a minivan! That is a good assumption because I do have four kids! Where would I put them in a regular sized car?? Trunk? Glove box?

I don't mind driving a minivan! They are hip and cool these days! I can push a button to open and close the doors. I can move the seats around. I can seat EIGHT BABY!!! I can listen to six different CD's and make my kids cry over the music choices. THE DRIVER GETS TO PICK THE MUSIC!!!! No, my kids cannot watch a DVD in the minivan. Come on now. I think they can survive a 15 minute ride without watching a silly DVD!! They can use their imagination or READ for goodness sake!!!! If we do take a long trip we can take the portable DVD player. No biggie.

Just think about the BIG vans that were so hip and cool back in the day. Those vans are called BURT these days! Big Ugly Rolling Turds. With the captains chairs and home sized TV and VCR in the back! Talk about swank!! Perhaps some shag carpet to boot!!!!!

I wish my Honda had a choice for swag carpet and beads. I would have totally picked that option!!!

I only have one complaint about having a minivan. I feel sooooo totally lost when I am driving somewhere ALONE. That big van is meant for a family not a hot mom driving somewhere by herself!!!

I will share an actual conversation I had with my sister one day.

Supermom~ I don't care how hot you are!!! You will not be noticed, looked at or flirted with when you are behind the wheel of a minivan!!!!!!

Why is that?? Does the minivan scream, "FRUMPY MOMMY BEHIND THE WHEEL!!!!!"

You tell me. Don't dismiss the mommy behind the wheel of her minivan!!! We could be smoking hot wearing heels. Just a heads up.

Grrrrrrr Dammit


I hope she remembers that pay backs are a you know what!!

Lil O still hasn't figured it out.

Supermom~ "Where did my tomatoes go? They were here the other day. They were off my tomato plant?"

Lil O~ "I didn't squish them?"

Supermom ~ Insert weird look here.

Lil O~ "They aren't in my Dora purse." As she runs to get it. "They aren't in here."

Supermom gets purse, opens it and finds 3 squished tomatoes.

Supermom talks about weight.

Yesterday I was able to stand on the scales at the doc's office. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I weighed. Not that I am really concerned with it. I have never been one to stress over my weight! I have always been comfy with how I look. Even at 182 pounds the day I went to have my cesarean with Baby M. I thought I was a beautiful pregnant woman. So, here I am 14 months later weighing in at

127 ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

AWESOMELY SWEET! I will never have the body of a 17 year old and I am okay with that. I often tell Superdad that I wish he had known me in high school when I could wear a bikini. Do I really? Nahhh. I am comfortable with the way my body looks. Yes, I see a completely different woman in the mirror since having kids.

My breasts are bigger.

I have stretch marks from a growing belly. TIMES FOUR!!!

I see thighs that weren't there before.

Then there is a tummy pouch that even sit-ups cannot get rid of.

HA HA!! You moms know exactly what I am talking about.

It just makes me the woman I am. I am happy. I have been blessed with four wonderful children! So my body is just a reminder that I have created life. Now that is something to brag about!

I Love it!

I am in bed nursing Baby M.

Lil O comes and jumps in the bed and starts to talk.

Baby M stops nursing, rolls over and goes, "Shhhhh.". Then starts to nurse again.

Lil O, "Why did she go shhhhh?"

Baby M stops nursing, rolls over and goes, "Shhhhh." again.

I am thinking she wants you to stop talking.

I do tooooo.

The Way You Make Me Feel

I thought it would be appropriate to title this post after one of my favorite Micheal Jackson's song.

I will say that when his daughter spoke I cried. I didn't actually watch the program. I caught parts of it on the World News. I took a nap today sooooo I didn't watch any TV.

Thanks for all the kind words about me and my wonderfully strong heart! I went to my doctor today. The EKG was normal. He said a stress test would be normal too so I declined it. He mentioned that my heart wall could be sore from picking up and placing a baby on my hip while doing things. I am to take Aleve 2 times a day and it should be better in a couple weeks.

I knew it was hard to keep a good woman down. Most of all a Supermom!

Sorry I haven't produced any genius blog posts lately. I just haven't had anything to blog about. Sure I could blog about getting up and making my bed, feeding the kids and such. But that would get pretty boring.

Maybe one day I'll have something entertaining to blog about. Until then just hang on and enjoy the ride!

BTW, Baby M, who is only 14 months old is saying a COMPLETE SENTENCE!!!!!! It's totally awesome. She is Genius Baby M!!!! She will say, "Don't do that!" Today while at the Doctors office I was putting her in the stroller and she bursts out, "Don't do that!" Everyone was tickled!!!

That's my girl! She gets it from me.

A recap of my day.

I woke up this morning and wanted to COMMIT to my one hour a day on the Internet! I did really well. I have hung out with the girls! Girls as in my 15 year old daughter, 4 year old daughter and 1 year old daughter.

I cooked with the babies. They helped make some homemade vanilla coriander muffins. YUMMY!!!!! I used the basic muffin mix that has been posted about before. Threw in a couple tablespoons ground coriander and vanilla. I also added some extra salt! They were pretty yummy fresh out of the oven with some buttah!

Then I threw together a meatloaf only using things in the house. My famous recipe calls for salsa. I didn't have any salsa or crushed tomatoes to make my own so I used some garlic and onion sghetti sauce that was in the cabinet. I chopped up an onion and red pepper that was in the fridge. Added some crackers and an assortment of other things. I'll post about how it turned out and post the recipe if you want it!

I have been having some mild chest pain/discomfort for about a week. I had a weird dream suggesting I should see a cardiologist. My family is dropping left and right with heart issues so I thought I'd get looked at. Since I was a twin and born early that weighs in my head. I am sure it is nothing but better safe than sorry. Tomorrow I am going to see my doctor and schedule the stress test. Superdad had one a couple years ago so I know it's not a big issue.

I finally did it! I painted on my blank canvas. I sat there for awhile looking at it and thought, "Hmmm, I'll paint you green and go from there." Pictures to come later.

I have enjoyed not being at the computer today!!!! It's my personal goal this week to only spend 1 hour a day sitting in this chair!!! But if you miss me you can always email, IM me or contact me through Facebook. How's that?!? Or even call! Whatever!

Ask Supermom

It's that time again! Hit me with your best shot!!!

Happy July 4th!!

I hope today has been an awesome day with family and friends!!!! It's a great day to be alive!

Here are a few pictures from our day!

Lil O at the pool.

Swimming Pool


Swimming Pool

Baby M.

Swimming Pool


Girls Gone Wild

Our photographer told us to wave!

Girls Gone Wild

This was taken yesterday of B2 on the Slip N Slide.

Slip N Slide

Happy Children Playing.

Running Happy Kids

This is the closest thing I could get to a group shot.

Group Shot

Baby M helping her mamaw make peach ice cream.

Homemade Ice Cream


Homemade Ice Cream

Finger licking good.

Homemade Ice Cream

This is why you don't let a teenager be in charge of your sunscreen!! You've been warned!

Supermom Sunburned

This is why I am missing the fireworks!!!


I am such a total G O O B E R ! ! ! !

Last night I was invited to a girls night out at the Grove Park Inn. I LOVE THE GROVE PARK INN!!!! I had debated if I was going to go for days! I usually don't go out without my babes! Not that I am unable to go out, I just choose not to go out.

I had already had a bath and in my pj's crawled up in bed. Then I decided, "WHY NOT?" So at 8:30 pm I started getting ready. I thought I looked really nice all dolled up. I even wore a pair of heels. They are some of my favorites. I found them in Atlanta, GA at a place called Junk Man's Daughter. I think that's it. I'll ask Superdad when he gets up because he is the one that introduced me to that awesome store!!!

Then everyone started moaning that their mommy/wife was leaving them to fend for themselves. Really, they did!!! So then I was doubting my decision and about ready to crawl back in bed. Lil O was crying that she would miss me. Baby M kept wanting to nurse. I am sure she sensed that I was leaving as well. HA HA!! H & B2 were BICKERING!! OMGoodness!!!!

I made it out the door and made the short drive to the GPI. I live just down the road so at least I would be close to home if I was needed.

I had a terrible time. LET ME REPHRASE THAT!! The company was wonderful but I missed my family. I was anxious and out of my comfort zone. Since I was driving I only allowed myself one drink. If I had been able to drink a couple more I would have relaxed and had a better time.

To make a short story even shorter, I was home by 10:30. HA HA!!! I am such a GOOBER!!!

Maybe next time I'll do better.

A week in review #2..

TGIF ! ! ! ! !

I love a good Friday! Well, aren't they all good?

Baby M woke me up in the wee hours this morning to nurse. I laid there in bed thinking. Listening to the wind blow. Nothing specific came to mind. Then I drifted back to sleep.

Everyone is home today. Superdad gets a bonus day added to his weekend for the holiday. Last night, LOL, he got all dressed up to hunt bees. Actually remove that hive under the deck. He reminded me of the villain in the first Hell Boy. You know the one filled with sand? It was rather comical seeing Superdad go into battle with the yellow jackets. He didn't get stung so I guess he won the battle. WTG Superdad! You are our hero. Now we can play on the deck again! I got up with the kids this morning so he could sleep in as his reward. I am sure he was thinking of something else though. :)

Be sure to check back later for my Week in Review!!!!!!!!

Vintage Buttons, Bee's and Yogurt.

I sorted out the buttons finally. I combined purple and blue because they were driving me insane. I combined pink and red. I combined the green and yellow. I have a jar of neutral colors. I have a "what's left" jar as well. I am not liking the mason jar idea. When I find a different container to store them then I can sort them again. It was very relaxing. I washed up the old tin they were in as well.

Vintage Buttons

I put them on top of my china cabinet.

Vintage Buttons

Baby M loves to feed herself. She always has to have a bath after. I wonder why?

Baby M Eating Yogurt

Look what Superdad found under our back deck??? Yes, that is a beehive!

Bee's Nest

I Promise.

That I will not look at the HP Contest web page until after dinner.

How's that?

A day in my shoes. Or part of it anyway.

Just so you know.

~I usually breastfeed Baby M while typing up blog posts. I am right now.

~My breakfast is usually coffee with a side of my meds. I usually skip the MOST IMPORTANT meal of the day. I always have a nice lunch, dinner and an afternoon snack.

~I drink water all day!!!!!! Unless I make a pitcher of sweet tea. I DO live in the south and sweet tea is in our food pyramid.

~I always make my bed up when I get out of it. That way I resist the urge to crawl back in it to hide from the kids. They always find me anyway.

~I am usually the last one to get dressed. It's usually right before lunch when I get a chance. I don't mind though because I love wearing my pj's.

~I have been known to even wear my jammies to get the kids from school. No biggie. I stay in the minivan anyway.

To Be Continued. (My sis just called.)

**Let me try this again.**

~I leave Facebook open most of the day. I enjoy writing quick updates and see what everyone else is up to. ~Plus play Scrabble, hanging head~

I listen to lots of music during the day. Right now I am listening to Bjork, Come To Me.

~I love to dance around with the kids. They think I am totally a goof ball.

~I usually enjoy a cold beer in the afternoon. H will sometimes give me a hard time about it. I don't get tipsy or anything like that. I love a cold beer. I was once told,

"You have four kids if you didn't drink I would think something is wrong with you."

You KNOW who you are that once told me that!!!!

~I can totally tune out the kids when they argue. Unless I hear a blood curdling scream then I am all over it. They have to learn to work somethings out between themselves. Agree?

To Be Continued Again...