Why does every post require a Title?

Because I cannot think of one. I tried a few but they weren't working for me.

~Damn you carrot cake!

~The quiet before the storm.

~The great debate.

~Whoa whoa whoa whoa she is almost 15.

~The summertime twitch.

Nothing was working for me. Perhaps I am to picky? Is that a bad thing though? I don't think so. One can never be to picky.

I cannot believe it's Sunday already. Not like I have to return to work tomorrow or anything. I work everyday in the comfort of my home. I don't have to punch a time card or ask for a day off. I just get up and do what has to be done. Drink a few cups of coffee. Tend to the youngin's. This is my life and I wouldn't change it for anything.

For instance right now everyone is still in bed except Baby M and B2. B2 just got home. It was scout night at the baseball field and all the scouts camped out on the field after the game. That's why I was going to refer to this post as "The quiet before the storm".

Once all the kids are awake it will get loud. The screaming will start. The crying will start. Then I will start screaming (and maybe cry as well) and the neighbors will think we abuse the kids. I promise we aren't. If you think you can stop them from bickering without raising your voice then PLEASE come and do it. I bet you will leave crying and wanting to curl in the fetal position. HA HA!! Amused look here.

I have a request. Does anyone have a time share or rental at Folly Beach?? Want to hook the SuperFamily up???? I am really requiring a vacation. My kids have their social life planned out for the summer and I am their designated driver. ~POUT~ What about me? Don't I deserve some R & R myself??? (We have use of a house at Folly but we couldn't get a time until November and I really need to go before that.) Like I have stated before, "It never hurts to ask."

Okay, time to flip some pancakes. Cause that's what I do.


MARY said…
I like the quiet before the storm.Perfect title to you busy
sunday.I have to agree my kids always had a packed summer while i was the driver and of course the mac machine. Michelle always take time just for yourself. Even if it means going to Borders Books or the grocery store. Barry can stay home and watch the kids. I always looked foward to my own mommy time out of the house. HB gets to leave for work your job on the other hand is home with kids which i know you love. Just treat yourself take a deep breath and put yourself first atleast once per week.