Who knew it would involve so much?

Today me and the babes are hitting the pool for some sun and adventure. Woohoooo!! I get to wear my new bathing suit.

I started preparing for the pool trip about 1/2 hour ago! Who knew I had to take so much stuff? You'd think I was packing for a long weekend trip.

I have 3 bags already and I know there will be a fourth.

I have a plastic bag with goggles, swim vest and pool toys.

A bag with towels, blanket, t-shirts, hats and etc.

A bag for snacks and drinks.

I just feel a fourth bag for the things that wouldn't fit in the other three bags.

I have sunscreen, 2 kinds, and the camera to pack still. Oh, and a camping chair for me.

WOW, all this for a couple of hours at the pool that is just 15 minutes away from us.



I hoped you remembered your reading material. If YOU happened to have some time to thumb through some magazines while busy with your chillun. Sounds fun! Glad it is sunny where you are. It's raining here and it IS suppose to be raining all week. SHEESH! Doesn't Philly PA know I'm on vacation? :)
Monica said…
Well while you were at the pool I was just in the parking lot next to you doing the coupon shopping thing. I should have kid napped superteen to help me put up groceries...j/k