What does the future hold with crazy teen speak?

The othr day I ws watchn H msg some1 on MySpace and I crgned. She lft lettrs out and kept on typng. I rly don't knw how she knew wht the hell she ws sayn wth all the lettrs missn.

I knw that if I typd lke that I wld confse myself mre thn jst takn the time to typ it all out.

I wnder if there is a spell chk for teen shrthd? If nt then mayb we need to invent 1 and mke sme $$.

It rly took alt to type this out. It wld hve been easier on my brain to jst type the corect spelln.

A msg to u teens. STOP ths crazy nonsense and type like you know something!


Stefany said…
Oh my gosh! I hear ya! I don't understand why teens are leaving off letters. My daughter said it is easier. I don't get it.