Waiting for babies!!!!!

I feel as if I am waiting for the eggs to hatch just like the mommy robin. I showed you a picture of the nest the other day.

Today while enjoying the new front porch with the kids I was able to get a picture of her on the nest.

New Front Porch

Peek A Boo.

New Front Porch

Robin Nest

While the kids were bouncing a ball she flew off. I got brave and climbed up to see the nest. I had Monica on the phone just in case she needed to call 911 to report the woman falling off the porch and braking her leg. It's nice to have plan B. HA HA!!! Look what the camera was able to see as I reached WAY over to snap the picture.

Robin Eggs

Four beautiful perfect blue eggs. Aren't they just adorable?!?!?!?!?

She was pretty upset with me after that so I brought the girls in so she could sit on her nest knowing that her babies were fine.


Is this what being a grandmother feels like???


Mary said…
Hi MIchelle thanks for posting the updated pictures of the girls and the birds nest. I can not beleive how big they are getting, we too had a bird nest the mom bird one day flew the coop. Hubby said she must have looked and seen 5 eggs and thought omg i can not deal with all those mouths. Im flying off to a better place lol. Take care Mary
Penelope Anne said…
Hooray! We have a bird making a nest in the top of the dog house in the hole that Roman punched in it while practicing Kung Fu! She hasnt laid eggs yet though - there's just a next! I know the kiddos are loving the new play area :)
Anonymous said…
AWWW how cute! you must share pics when the baby birds arrive!!!
Mrs Furious said…
Oh what beautiful eggs. Robin's eggs never cease to amaze me!
Supermom said…
yes, the blueness of the eggs is truly amazing!!!!! I cannot wait until they hatch.