TNT has an awesome night in store for YOU! Wedding Day. Hawthorne. Saving Grace.

I was able to review some GREAT shows that premiere tonight. Don't worry because THERE ARE NO SPOILERS in this review. I would never spoil anything for you!

Let's start with Wedding Day because it comes on first tonight.

Introducing another reality show.

Boy meets girl.
Girl falls in love with boy.
Boy proposes.
Girl says yes.

"Insert a tragic event here"

Then you get family, friends and planners to DO your wedding for you.

I am sorry TNT but I am not a fan of Wedding Day. Can I say that since you were so kind to share your new show with me?

If you love reality shows, weddings and crying then this show is for you.

Wedding Day premieres tonight on TNT, check your local listing for correct time.

Tell me if I should give this show another chance!!! Be sure to comment and tell me what you think!

HAWTHORNE with Jada Pinkett Smith.

O.M.G. is all I can say. I watched the pilot episode and this show ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love medical dramas! This show is fabulously awesome!!!!

WOW!!! TNT has some powerful women this season. Kyra Sedgwick on The Closer, Holly Hunter on Saving Grace and now Jada Pinkett Smith on HAWTHORNE.

Great job TNT!!!! I am hooked on HAWTHORNE!!!!!! The pilot was really good. I hope that it has instant success and has lots of fans! I will still be the #1 fan though!!!!!

HAWTHORNE premieres tonight on TNT. Be sure to check your local listings for the correct time and please please please comment to tell me what you think of the show after you watch it.

Saving Grace with the wonderful Holly Hunter.

I admit that I have never watched Saving Grace before. I have seen the commercials and I have friends that are fans. It just never fit into my TV schedule.

I was able to watch 3 shows to try and catch up. It's already on Season THREE!! Then I called my friend who is their #1 fan and talked to her about Saving Grace.

I wasn't able to go into much detail because I didn't want to ruin anything for my friend.

Here's what I got from watching Saving Grace. Feel free to correct me or even fill me in more!

Grace is a police detective with BALLS. Yes, I did just say that. She has a last chance angel named Earl. It took me a little bit to realize Earl was an angel. I am guessing he's there to "straighten up" Grace from her wild ways.

I am not sure if he's there because she is dying and giving her a last chance or if he's just there.

I am unable to go into more details because I don't want to spoil anything for the Saving Grace fans.

Be sure to tune in tonight to watch the premiere. Check local TV listing for the correct time.

TNT does know drama!!!!!