Things you learn when you Google yourself.

Admit it! You have Googled your name before. Even your old boyfriends name as well. I have! Is that considered stalker-ish?? I think not! I think everyone is just curious. It is human nature after all.

Yesterday I Googled The Adventures of Supermom. There are lots of different women with the tag line. I once saw a status on Facebook and it came to mind when I saw the Google results.

Is amused to be imitated, but remember...I can't be duplicated.

I am not saying these wonderful women are imitating me, NOT AT ALL.

I am just saying that there is ONLY ONE Michelle @ The Adventures of Supermom.

You can always recognize my blog by the header at the top!

The Adventures of Supermom

I am the only one who writes for this blog unless I have a guest blogger. Which I love having BTW!!!!!!

Off to Google more people!


Kelly said…
In my opinion, Googling people you used to know is not stalkerish at all!

I have an insanely common name, Googling myself is futile.
Monica said…
I'm guilty...I know there is another Monica Denice Ball in Black Mountain. But she spells Denice with an "S"