There was ZERO impulse buying!!! Who rocks?!?!

We hit Earth Fare Saturday night to get a short grocery list. There was ZERO impulse buying!!! AWESOME!!!!!

Granted I had just been to the grocery store earlier in the week to get ready for Mary Jane's visit and was able to pick up a few things that I would have bought this trip.

Total spent $158.43 Remember this is organic and for 2 weeks. My bill would have been much lower but I bought some high dollar products that I usually don't buy.

Bakery ~ $9.48
Bulk ~ $10.72
Diary ~ $32.17
Grocery ~ $75.90 ~ That's for everything else.
Meat ~ $3.66 ~Ground up turkey to try in a new recipe that was in the new cookbook that Monica gave me.
Veggies & Fruit ~ $27.58

Here is where I spent more than usual:

Chopped Pecans ~ $9.22 This is for a homemade carrot cake with cream cheese icing. I am going to make it for the birthday people in the house (Superdad and H) and Mrs F. I will take it for dessert when we all go out and eat on Saturday night. :)

Vanilla ~ $6.99 This will be used for my baking and such.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil ~ $19.99 I only use olive oil, canola oil or butter to cook with.

Fair Trade Coffee ~ They were on sale for four dollars off. I love this coffee. I bought two because it's never in stock. It's a ground breakfast blend. That was $5.99 x 2. Which is a STEAL!!!

I saved $15.50 for buying with coupons and things on sale.


Are you a compacting family?? Trying to lower your cost of living. Want to share a tip with me and my readers? Just email me iheartsupermom (at) aol (dot) com or leave a comment below.

I have sick kids and a sick Superdad. I am also catching up on blog work. I hope that you have a wonderful Monday. It is Monday right?


The Ice House said…
I wish I lived closer to you. I could have saved you $$ on pecans. My 1 huge pecan tree in the back yard produced a bumper crop of pecans this year. I gave away bags and bags of shelled pecan halves as Christmas gifts and STILL have a ton left over. Boy, pecans sure do cost some $$$.
Supermom said…
WOW, I wished you did as well!!!!

I am sure I'd enjoy your pecans almost as much as hanging out with you!

I hope you have a lovely week.
Michelle :)