Supermom tells you why she wants a new husband.

Several have asked so I wanted to type up the blog post real quick.

I am really not looking to replace Superdad. I tease him that my next husband will be British though.

Here's the conflict.

I want another baby. I am not talking like this year or maybe not even next year. I just don't want it RULED out NOW! I just turned 35 and know that my baby making years are almost over. I know I am not old BUT I had my first child at 20! That's 15 years ago. My body is tired! We even thought I was heading towards menopause because I haven't had a period in almost 2 years. They started on a regular basis in May so I now know that is not the case now. So, I have hope that we will have one more baby.

I love Superdad dearly and want to have another baby with him. We have wonderful daughters and I would love to have one more in hopes that it would be a boy. I'd love to have a mini Superdad running around the house in his glasses with a Consumer Reports on Toys! Seriously, that would be awesome!

I know there is a chance it would be a girl and that's okay.

Superdad says he is done having children so I told him I was looking for another husband that would give me more children.

There you have it!

Tell Superdad to let me have ONE MORE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Perhaps I should start a poll to hear your answers!


Mrs Furious said…
Out of respect for Superdad I'm not even taking your poll. I did laugh my ass off when I saw that come up though ;)
Jennifer said…
We had two kids, and I sooo want another baby. My hubby does not, so I sided with him and he went and got fixed. I really don't want a baby that he doesn't want. It could be very hard on the child in the future. As much as I would love to tell you to push it so that you can have another baby (I love kids!), I don't think it would be a good idea. Sorry.
momof2girls said…
having another baby is a personal choice that has to be agreed upon by both parties.But however i did think it was rather funny that your asking for people to vote in your pole. Only you Michelle when you asked did u have on your leopard high heel shoes lol
Supermom said…
Well, I am here for your entertainment. Ha ha.

I know we have to agree and what happens will be the right decision.

Michelle :)
Elizabeth said…
Well, I would like to condone having another baby! I myself have 7, and just never get tired of them (although I am tired of pregnancy, I'll admit). But, I'd hold onto the hubby. He will likely come around before your bearing years are done. I was also 20 when I had my first! Blessings!