Supermom in a bathing suit.

We had a fabulous time at the pool today! Baby M was so tired that she took a nap.

Swimming Pool

This is how I spent my time holding a sleeping baby. Too bad I couldn't play Facebook Scrabble on the Blackberry.

Swimming Pool


Swimming Pool

All 5 of us had a nice time. I picked up H's boyfriend and he joined us girls at the pool. It was nice having a guy around. He helped me set up my chair and he even helped watch Lil O.

There are hazards I mean JOYS of going to the local pool beside your old high school. You run into people you went to high school with. Nahhh, it wasn't bad really. I ran into a girl I graduated with and then a girl I used to hang with back in the day! The girl I used to hang with is actually a pleasure to talk with! In fact, I saw her last year at the pool after Baby M was born.


I took meds earlier. I am having trouble shaking a headache. Yes, it's the same one I've been SHAKING since last FRIDAY!!!!

Tomorrow I am going to clean house and rest. BECAUSE Saturday we are hitting the pool!!! My GF Renee will be there so I can hang out with her by the pool.

Must go whip up some dinner.


momof2girls said…
Hey there Michelle, love the new suit. Sweet little baby M you tired her out at the pool. How lucky for you that Hannah decided to go along and bring the BF. He didnt stare to long at her in her bathing suit did he. OH how i remember those days with my two girls. How did O make out at the pool is she a water gal. HOpe you have a great weekend