Schools Out For The Summer!!!!!!

Day TWO of no school. It's going fabulous!! I haven't started twitching yet. Ha Ha! I tease. I really do have great kids and don't expect to yell much over this vacation. I hope.

I started off day two of summer vacation by cleaning house, planning a menu then hitting Earth Fare for groceries. Exciting huh?? I thought you would agree.

With the weather hot and not wanting to make lots of heavy meals I made a light simple menu that will have leftovers and make life easy.

There will be lots of fresh fruit and veggies! Hummus. Fish. Here's what I have decided to make. In no certain order.

~ Cheeseburgers and a new potato salad recipe. I will grill these babies on the charcoal grill.

~ Salmon Melon Salad. This is a new cool recipe that will be perfect for a hot day. I will blog about it after I make it with the details.

~ Lasagna with homemade sauce. More details to come when I make it.

~ Tuna Pasta.

~ Veggie Burgers. They are simple and easy. Perfect for not spending time in the kitchen.

I bought lots of fruit, veggies and snack food since everyone will be home.

I will go ahead and type of my Earth Fare grocery shopping trip.

I spent a total of $ 205.28 This is for TWO weeks and ALL ORGANIC. It is a bit more that I usually spend but I bought more snacks and 2 prepared sandwiches for lunch. They have the best hummus veggie wrap and curried chicken wrap.

Bakery ~ bread $10.17
Diary ~ $41.44
Deli ~ $11.98 the two wraps I told you about.
Frozen ~ $24.13 They had frozen veggies on sale so I picked up a couple bags that weren't on the list. I don't count those as impulse because we use them on a regular basis.
Grocery ~ $55.75 Everything else.
Meat & Seafood ~ $18.22
Fruit & Veggies ~ $41.11

I saved $13.70 by buying on sale and using coupons.

Not too bad. We won't have to buy anything for the next two weeks but maybe milk, eggs and bread.

Must go referee the FOUR year old and FIFTEEN year old. ~eyeroll~


Kati said…
Wow! We don't have an organic store around.. kind of wish we did. We spend about the same every 2 weeks.
Mary said…
Hanging head in shame only buys orgainc, soy milk for my daughter.Not much organic stuff around here. Local grocery chain has organic items not many. I spend about the same as you too.In that price even covers personal hygiene itmes, gosh tampons are expensive.
Have a great weekend
Supermom said…

I told Superdad we need to buy stock in tampons with 4 girls in the house!