After taking care of two sick kids today. Making a nice lunch of hot soup for Superdad. Working on laundry. Picking up. Even holding a sleeping baby for 2 1/2 hours while she slept.

Superdad starts to lecture/fuss over Lil O having a jelly sandwich for dinner. Her choice of course, not something I thought of. I cannot help it that she gave up broccoli and bananas to have a jelly sandwich every chance she gets.

Tonight it wasn't worth arguing over. Now, when it's day three and she's still having a jelly sandwich then I will wean her off sugar.


Anonymous said…
Hi Michelle Jelly sandwich for dinner, nothing wrong with that she ate what she wanted and there was no crying. My daughter was once stuck for 9 days on peanutbutter and fluff. She soon tired of it I am sure Lil O will do the same until then atleast she is eating something. My grandmother used to say half the battle is getting the kids to eat something you have that licked. Take care hope everyone feels better real soon.
Mary said…
Hey Michelle I an anoymous lol mary from de
Ness said…
You know what? I just switch to sugar free jam because I'm just happy my kid is eating!
Now, I want a 'samwich', too!