Rain rain go away...I want to send the kids out to play.

The first day of summer vacation was really nice. I know it wasn't how H was planning to spend the day but she was a real trooper and enjoyed herself after all. Here's our busy yet fun day.

I was in and out of the DMV in 15 minutes. I have an ugly picture to prove it. I also now have ONE RESTRICTION! I have to wear my glasses to drive. I kind of knew it was going to happen. Oh well, goes with age I suppose.

We then headed to the best store EVER!!!! TARGET!!!!!! H shopped some and I shopped some. I was in need of some tee's for the summer. I have to have ultra THIN tee's. I found four great colors at Target and a pair of shorts. Sorry Superdad I needed clothes to fit this shrinking body of mine. :)

Then we hit Sear's. I took back the bathing suit bottoms from Land's End and bought another pair of bottoms in the Land's End section. I'll look on their website to see if I see the one I bought today. They are a ribbed texture. Yes ~ eyeroll~ ribbed for your pleasure. There I said it!
HA HA!!!

I tried on the suit when I got home and I love how it fits my body. I am super excited to have a bathing suit I actually like. Now let's hit the pool!

After all of the shopping and picture taking we met friends at Fun Depot for a playdate/lunch. It was lots of fun!!!! I really enjoy hanging out with Mrs F. She makes me laugh. She may even motivate me to work out. MAY being the key word there. I told her I wanted smaller thighs. HA HA!! I guess I cannot just wish them away I will have to work on them. UGH!!!! Even Superdad surprised us and stopped by FD to play for a bit. He's such a sweetie.

Anyway, today has been a nice day. I have taken a power nap with Baby M. Took a bath with Baby M. Now I am going to think about dinner. I thought about making more cinnamon rolls and frying up some eggs. Maybe make some fried tators and such to go with the eggs. Who said you can only eat that stuff for breakfast anyway???


Mama Notes said…
well, I'm glad you're having a nice day! It's awesome to find a bathing suit that you like!
Mary from DE said…
even on a rainy day you can still have fun. So glad to hear dmv was not a nightmare with four kids in tow. My family enjoys breakfast for dinner. Its something i try to plan at least once per month.
Have a wonderful friday and weekend
ps glad the bathing suit thing worked out for you
Monica said…
The kids have it planned to be a rainy season so Supermom can take them somewhere to shop or play everyday...
Mrs Furious said…
We had a great time. Hannah is a trooper!

I'm going to Sears TOMORROW to finally make a decision.
Supermom said…
Yes, Hannah is a trooper.

She is a good girl. I am proud of her.

Let me know what you decide about the bathing suit!!!!