Off my camera card:

We painted our nails.

Painted Nails

Baby M fell asleep after the cookout.

Sleeping in Car Seat

Doctor Baby M to the ER STAT!!!!

Doctor Baby M


Kati said…
Ahhh! I could look at photos of little ones all day. She is adorable.

Thank goodness Miss Serenity is asleep.. or she would want to do her toes too.. right now!
Monica said…
Look she is washing her hand waiting for her gloves to be put on.I see the operating table has some unusual devices.

I fall asleep riding too but I don't look that cute.
Supermom said…
Thank you.

I love painting the girls nails. H paints her own now though. I paint O's all the time. I will paint Baby M's when I catch her asleep! LOL

It's just a basic red on me and a hot pink on Lil O.