Lil O makes me a grocery list. You have to see this!!!

Lil O handed me her grocery list with pictures and lines to check things off!!

Shopping List

This first item is juice boxes. See the box with the straw????

Then balloons.

The sun represents outside toys.

Then she wants a pool.

I think she is totally adorable and one smart cookie!!!


Kati said…
Haha! DOn't you love kids ideas of grocery shopping. Serenity is the same.. she always wants candy, juice, and toys!
momof2girls said…
Lil O is one smart cookie, she got her point across. Just how many items on her list did you buy. Michelle she is to cute.
Jenny said…
awww that's so cute.
Monica said…
This shows such a creative mind.
Supermom said…
Well, she came home with juice boxes. We are washing out her pool today and she will be splashing away by lunch I am sure!

Michelle :)