Let the twitching begin!

SCHOOL IS ALMOST OUT!!! twitch twitch

I have to come up with a plan to keep the kids busy!! So busy they crash at night sleeping like until 9 am!!!!!!!! 10 if I am lucky!

I thought we'd hit the pool two times a week. Library once a week. Then hang out at home and enjoy the outdoors in the yard. Set up the pool and slip n slide.


B2 will have scout camp for a week and camp for a week with church. H will be heading to the beach for a camp with church. She will be gone a week for that.

We have to plan the long getaway to Pigeon Forge with my family. Then there is Charleston/Folly Beach vacation. ~crossing fingers for this one~

Then Walt DISNEY World in November!!! Come on DISNEY HOOK A BLOGGING MOM UP!!!!!! Pretty please with a cherry on top. You know you want to!!!! HA HA!! It never hurts to ask!

What are you plans for the summer? How are you going to keep your kids busy??? Fill me in on all the details!


Missy said…
My kids had their last day of school on May 28th, and since I work for the school district I was let out on the 29th. With this being my first year being a full time mother and employee I am looking forward do spending lots of quality time with my kids.

We plan to swim as much as possible at the local city waterpark (it's $1.50 a day). Also the story lady reads every Wednesday at the local library so I'm sure we'll be visiting her weekly. The kids received kites from the Easter Bunny and have been dying to fly them so trips to the different 20 parks in town are on the agenda as well. My DH will not be able to take much time off this summer so we're looking to explore our little town more by staying close to home. I hope you and your kids have an amazing summer!
Ness said…
My son is going to summer camp this year. Why? Because it was him or my sanity!

He is one of those kids who needs to have a schedule from the time he wakes up to the time he goes to bed. So for him to be busy from 8:30 till 4:15, by the time he gets home he won't have enough energy to give me attitude! And It's just me and the kids this summer so I needed him to be active all day!