It's already the last day of June???

I took the kids to the pool today. I forgot my book. I forgot the camera. I am surprised I remembered how to get there.

Last night I fixed the best BBQ roast, corn on the cob and slaw. I was able to grab the camera, or tell H to get it for me, and take this great picture.

Corn on the Cob

Who knew eating corn on the cob could be so darn adorable?!?!? She really didn't chow down like I thought she would. She just licked the butter off of it. Whatever works!

H took this picture and played with photoshop.

Baby M

I really like the picture.

The pictures below are from her camp stay at Fort Caswell on the beach. My daughter has an amazing eye!!!

Fort Caswell

Fort Caswell

Fort Caswell

Fort Caswell

Speaking of H. Earlier they were making some peanut butter sandwiches. B2 used the last of the bread. I told them that there were all sorts of crackers to use because I wasn't running to buy more bread. H said, "But I want a sandwich." I said, "Well, go make some bread for your sandwich."

I didn't even get a response!!!!


Monica said…
lol...Go make some bread
Supermom said…

I thought that was pretty cleaver!!!
Anna said…
Yeah, good come back. That is giving me a mighty chuckle.
Supermom said…
I am glad!! I thought it was pretty good as well.

Every now and then I have a good come back!