I heart buttons.

I have a secret love for buttons. It's not something I advertise to people. It's a hidden love I suppose. Not that I am ashamed of my love for buttons.

My grandmother B had a big button tin that I used to love to play in when I was a small child. I would run my fingers through the buttons seeing all the colors. I would string them up to pretend I was making a necklace. They were so beautiful to me. I was in love with those buttons.

About 14 years ago I asked grandmother B about that tin of buttons. Do you know what?

SHE GAVE ME THE TIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My beautiful buttons!!!! She still had them and she let me have them. They mean so much to me.

When H was in Kindergarten they were each a letter of the alphabet. H was the letter "B" and Miss Beautiful Buttons. I went through my beloved button tin and found lots of pretty bright buttons and glued them to her shirt and made her a hair bow to match! Later I plucked the buttons off the shirt and put them in H's memory book as decorations. Ahhh, good times.

My buttons have been on my mind for a few weeks now. I wanted to get them out and display them. Which Superdad isn't toooo thrilled about. Anyway, a few days ago I brought my beloved button tin upstairs.

Grandmother B said that people used to take the top and bottom off the tin and hang them for pictures.

Vintage Buttons

I opened up the lid and the memories came flooding back. There was even a string in the tin from where I would string them up.

Vintage Buttons

It may not look too exciting until you start sorting them out. Here's my idea. I thought I would find a few clear antique canning jars to display my buttons. One jar would be odd and original buttons. One jar I will layer like a pretty rainbow. One jar would be a mixture. What do you think?

Here are a few pictures when the sorting began. THIS IS DAY FOUR OF ME SORTING through 100's of buttons.

Odd and original:

Vintage Buttons


Vintage Buttons


Vintage Buttons


Vintage Buttons


Vintage Buttons

I also have yellows, greens and whites. Soo many beautiful buttons.

If you have more buttons you'd love to send to me for my secret button obsession I would be totally excited!!!!! Really excited!!!!!!!!!!


momof2girls said…
Michelle my mom has a button jar too, I used to sit and play with those buttons for hours. What great memories you made with your grandmother's buttons. Hope everyone is feeling better and no more puking espisodes, nothing worst than waking up to puke in your family bed.
Supermom said…

I love buttons!
Penelope Anne said…
GOD - I keep learning all these things about you! I will keep you in mind when Im shopping for buttons! ROCK ON!
Supermom said…

I am full of surprises!!!!!
Anna said…
Just the thing every OCD girl needs. j/k
Penelope Anne said…