I don't know what to do!!!!!!

I have been letting my hair grow since last October. Here are a few recent pictures of me with longer hair:

Supermom at Chuck E Cheese

Supermom at Chuck E Cheese

Baby M's First Birthday

So you have seen me with hair. Let me remind you what I looked like with super short hair.

Supermom and Mary Jane.


Okay, flood me with comments on what you think looks best!!!!


Mama Notes said…
You are beautiful both ways, but I like it a little longer. :)
They both do look good- but I think the shorter is really cute.
Joy Beadworks said…
The short is cute, but you are clearly in stick straight hair envy, or you wouldn't have cut those lushous curls! I have stick straight hair...guess which one I like?
Supermom said…
Joy ~ Psssttt....it's a perm. I have stick straight hair as well.

Kelly said…
You have such a cute face that you can pull off either one, but I think that the shorter cut is simpler and shows off your facial features better!
Monica said…
It is super hard to let your hair grow out once you have had it so easy to deal with short.
Penelope Anne said…
I LOVE it short! I say chop it! Its only hair - it will grow back out - I like your long hair but i think short suits your personality more! :) Your gorgeous! XO
Supermom said…
Thanks!!!! As you can tell I had it chopped off today!!!