Friends Stick Together

I'm not sure why this topic came to me the other day but it did. So I added it to my "To Blog About" list. It's 11pm on a Saturday night so I am writing my thoughts down in my notebook using a blue gel pen. ~so I can copy it to my blog later~

I really don't like blue ink. It's a pen I picked up at the lawyers when we refinanced our house when the prices were TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! Not that this is all relevant to the subject at hand. I just like the way the pen writes but not the color.

Snap out of it Michelle! Write up this blog post.


Friends are good.

Friends are lots of fun!

We all need great friends around us. Life is short and my time is very valuable so I am selective about who I spend my time with. We were up on Mount Mitchell today. As I was looking out over the mountains I thought of death. I am not a fan of death. I hope that with age comes a peace about dying. So, I thought that I need to get out and enjoy everything that is possible before that time comes.

Then I thought of the people that are around me. People that I let into my life. People that I call friends.

I have a few select wonderful women and men that are included in my every day life. People that I talk to on the phone. People that come to my house. People that are around my children. People that I am able to just be my myself around. People that don't judge. People that are supportive. People that are true.

Friends stick together because that's just what friends do. I once read a quote somewhere and I am going to try and remember it. I am awful at RE-telling things like that. So don't look to me to tell you a funny joke I heard because I cannot.

I may not always be right there when you need me but I am just a phone call away!

Something like that.

I know that life gets busy and we aren't able to always be with our friends but that doesn't mean they are far from our thoughts.

Here are a few shots from yesterday at Mount Mitchell.

Mount Mitchell

Mount Mitchell

Mount Mitchell

Mount Mitchell

Mount Mitchell

Mount Mitchell

Mount Mitchell

Mount Mitchell

Mount Mitchell

~H and B2 didn't go with us because they would have totally been bored out of their mind!!! This post was also written last night and typed up today.~


Kelly said…
Agreed, friends are crucial! And I can't retell a joke either!

Lovely pictures! It looks like fun to me.
Monica said…
This post is so very true. It means alot to me for every 3 minute conversations we have 15 time a day...joking I could say something really sweet and mushy right now but... ok I will... thanks for letting me into your world.

I love your pictures they are totally great. But the one that shows the trees dieing is what sticks with me the most. It makes me wonder why they died. Acid rain? or some kind of crazy insect? All that is up there is ever green trees. That picture also represents death. It makes you ask yourself if you should visit sooner to not miss out on the view that is still there.
Supermom said…
It was from the acid rain back in the 80's I believe.

We had a nice time even if I did get car sick!
Monica said…
It was probably because of Barry's driving that you got car sick...j/k
Penelope Anne said…
I love you 'My' Chelle! and can I add that you are glowing! You look fabulous! Sheesh! - are you preggo? does super dad know? LOL!!!
Supermom said…
HA HA!!!! NO!!! I am not pregnant! I found out what caused that you know!

I <3 you too Renee! I am glad we found each other on FB!!!
Anonymous said…
Freinds are the best they can be sure honest and at times so loving. I miss my best freind my sister who passed away in Dec. I have other freinds but none will every take her place. My other best freind is my mom we talk at least ten times a day. We find oomfort in each other mom also lost one of her best freinds. Mary from DE