Father's Day is on SUNDAY!!!

Time to be thinking of how to make all the dads special on their day!

I am planning a small cook out on Sunday. I am going to get the kids involved and make it lots of fun instead of lots of stress. We can enjoy the front porch and a cold beer or cold sweet tea.

I will be grilling out some hamburgers and hot dogs. Make some tator salad, slaw and chili. YUMMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!

What plans do you have for Father's Day?


Monica said…
We are going to do the same for my dad except for the beer...lol We will grill hamburgers and hotdogs. We have homade chilli froze so we can just thaw that. A tador scramble out on the grill. Chopped tadars with peppers and onions and a tbit of pepper and salt. make a bag out of tin foil and put a few holes in the bottom to let the grilled tast in the bag. I love this over a open fire on a griddle too or just buring a potato wrapped in tin foil under my bon fire I have in my front yard.

humm I think I just discovered my next blog post...Thanks for asking.

You can put this in your cook book I don't need more than the 10% you already promised me by using my name already.

Supermom said…
Yeah, it should be lots of fun!!

Now to clean the grill.