Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic.

Yes, I know there is a card stuck to our ceiling!

Every little thing she does is magic

Yesterday we had company. Superdads longest/oldest friend came over while he was in town. He's a great guy and I enjoy his company. He even took our wedding photos as our wedding gift! He's an awesome photographer. Plus, he loves magic!!!

We were sitting in the floor playing with the girls when he had Superdad write on any card. The card was put back into the deck. He brought out his "secret" tin. He pulled out 2 rubber bands. I forget what he called them.

He put them around the deck. He then threw the deck up and it hit the ceiling. The deck fell down leaving the RIGHT card stuck to our ceiling.

I don't know how he did it. It's magic! :)

We left the card there. I actually like it there. I hope it stays a long time. I guess it depends on how long the "magic" works.


Monica said…
That is too cool...
Supermom said…
The card is still there :)