Do you have a wife picked out for your husband?

Seriously! I was asked BY MONICA last week and knew I'd have to blog all about this.

Apparently her mother had a woman picked out for her husband (Monica's dad) if anything were to happen to her (the mom). Did I confuse you?? She had a caring woman in mind that would care for Monica and be a loving wife to Monica's dad.

I think it's an excellent idea ~ sort of. My mamaw told me that when her dad's first wife died he had to meet a nice woman to help with his son. Then he met my great grandmother and they had four great kids. It's how things worked.

I can laugh and joke about finding a backup for Superdad but I don't know that I want him to remarry. I wouldn't want him to be alone but the thought of him with another woman is just creepy weird.

Also, I really don't know any single women that would want Superdad. Said in the most kindest of ways!!!! They love being single and marrying my husband isn't on their to do list. Renee?? Monica?? You two are the only single women I know at this point!!! Speak up now before I will him to someone else!!! :)

So, I don't know what else to add to this. Does anyone want me to keep them in mind to be my kids step-mommy? ~shaking head here~

I couldn't even type that out with a straight face!!

Earlier while on the phone with a friend I mentioned that I wouldn't mind having an extra wife or two! Remember I have blogged about this before! I love BIG LOVE!!!!

Big Love

If there was an extra wife then I wouldn't have to worry about these small details!!!!

What do you think Superdad????


Monica said…
no problem with being married. I just want to make sur he has a home at least 10 miles away when I'm ready for him to leave.

I could love your kids like they were my own and would surely think of them as extra special becaue they are half supermom.

To marry me. Barry would have to have a make over because as long as I have been single I'm not changing my

I'm not saying he it not a totally nice guy he is but Earthfair has a banned poster with my name and picture on it... I don't do organic. I know Barry rides a bike but does he ride horses? How he can dodge thos nice horse tracks they sometimes leave.

Oh yes, I live in the country. I feed wild deer and turkey from my front porch. So it Barry has a baseball card attached to his back wheel to make that clicking sound. Well, he needs a sinencer for

Ok last I'm going to say. If you leave Barry to me I need a contract signed

But I can teach your kids some super cool bad habits like burping their name... just a
liebchen77 said…
I always joke with my hubby that I wouldn't mind having a "sister wife" (I learned about this from all the hoopla about the fringe LDS people in the news) to do the laundry & cook, but that's about it!
Anna said…
Sign me up when they start allowing multiple husbands. What's good for the goose....
Supermom said…
Anna ~

Do you really want to pick up after several men??

What if they get sick?????

Just thought a thought.
Michaelle said…
You know that TLC now has a new series called Sister Wives? It is like Big Love, only for real!
Supermom said…
YES!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!

I watched it yesterday. They were so loving and happy!!!!!!