Cry me a river.

I am having cutters remorse. I miss my hair. I really didn't think I would care since I love short hair. I love my crazy bedhead. I love not having to fix it. I can get up and just GO. I love my hair.

This morning I woke up and saw my hairless face in the mirror and this image come to mind.

This is a picture of all my hair in the floor after my hair was cut yesterday. See all those pretty curls. SNIFFLE!!


I know I wore it up the past few weeks but at least I had it. I know I complained that I didn't like it. I think I have changed my mind. I know Superdad had visions of me in pigtails in a cheerleaders outfit jumping on the bed. Well, he never specified the cheering outfit I am just throwing it in for special effects. ha ha

I went looking for short hair photos of me that I looked pretty in. Let me rephrase that. I went looking for photos that I thought show who I am. Short hair and all portraying me as a feminine woman. Men seem to like hair on a woman. They think it defines who we are sexually. Except my Superdad. He loves my crazy short hair. :)

I am here to say that short hair on a women is sexy!!!!!!!! I found a picture that shows how a mom can be sexy with short hair. Check out my amazing bedhead shadow on the wall!


Staci said…
I think your hair is so cute! I wish I could pull it off!
Georgiana said…
Dear Supermom,

you look much younger with this short haircut!The longer, curlier hair is not as sexy!I wish I would have the courage to have the same haircut!

Anonymous said…
You look great in short hair! Trust me! Sometimes I wish that I had the face shape to pull it off, like you do.

I understand the feelings though.
Supermom said…
Thanks for the kind encouraging words!!!!

Michelle :)

I am getting used to no hair.
Kelly said…
Short is the way to go. No tangles. No hours trying to make it look right, or in my case no keeping it in a pony tail cause you dont have the time or motivation to do anything else. Unfortunately, my husband is one of those who insists that a woman has to have long hair, so I'm stuck with my ponytail.
Rachel said…
Yep, still love it!
Mrs Furious said…
When I'm feeling like my hair isn't as feminine I always just emphasize my boobs ;)
Supermom said…
Mrs F,

Good IDEA!!!!!

I could put the girls all out there and show my real feminine side!!!!!
I love it! I just recently cut all of mine off i'll post some pics - maybe even do a post on my blog cause I miss my hair too. i like both looks though...and the the ease of get up & go now that's it's short. It's awesome man revel in it with me!
Supermom said…
Thanks for all the encouraging words!!!

I am getting used to no hair again!