Can I get an amen?

My grandmother who is 79 and great aunt who is 80 picked up H and B2 from school today.

They were talking to H about not getting hooked up with boys. Leave them alone. They are stubborn. They are grouchy. They are bossy. They only want things done their way. Don't get married.

I would have loved to been in the car when they realized B2 was in the back seat.

Do brothers not count as boys??


Kelly said…
I know what you mean. I often talk to Mykaela about the evils of the male. I also forget that Jamie is right there, but the funny thing is, he's usually nodding like a bobble head agreeing with me!
I am sure your son was sitting there agreeing. I listen to my nephews say these types of thinks to their sisters.

Have you ever heard the Rodney Adkins song "Cleaning this Gun?"
Mary said…
Hey Michelle, its swee that those ladies still have advice to offer.My girls are 18 and 23 my hubby still has a way of making the boyfriends nervous. He will ask them stuff and they have the omg deer in headlight look. The funny part is i enjoy watching these guys squirm. Now a days the advice is watch the boys they have one track minds. Girls have to understand dont fall for the i love you line to get you to do something sexual I always told my girls dont listen to that bull crapo. Have a great weekend ps poor Ben bet he about wanted to die sitting in car with them.
Supermom said…
He probably just sat there nodding then thinking, "wait, I am a boy."