Bathing suit shopping is the DEVIL!!!!!!

Yes, it's that time again! Give me a break right??? It's all Mrs F's fault!!! She blogged about it first!!!!!

I tried to squeeze my I've had four kids body into a couple suits from 2 years ago. Wasn't going to happen. I have these huge milk jugs to worry with now! DAMMIT!!!

She told me about Land's End. I looked. The one I really wanted was out of stock and couldn't be back ordered. Figures.

I got all depressed last night and just ate more mint Oreo's. That makes everything better.

I woke up this morning with a new outlook and a pound heavier and went to look again at those awful bathing suits not meant for women that have had four kids.

I found one that will work. I have to have fixed straps. None of that tie behind your neck crap. I wanted black. CHECK!!! I found some coral colored bottoms that will work as well. I don't like have matching top and bottom. Sooooo, what do you think??? Be brutal. I can handle it.

Or maybe I should go with a green bottom?

Don't you like my virtual model? HA HA!

There is no way in hell I will post a picture to go along with these pictures of me squeezing myself into those other bathing suits!

**UPDATE!!!! I went ahead and ordered the black top with the pretty coral bottoms. If I like it I might take a pic and show the new suit off.**


Mrs Furious said…
Loving your virtual model!!! Bwahaha!
Supermom said…
I am glad I could amuse you!!

What color bottoms though?!?!

Coral or green???

Help a mom out!!
Kelly said…
Coral. Definitely.
Anonymous said…
i like the green
Supermom said…
I agree. Coral it is!!!
Mary said…
Hey Michelle its not so bad, there will always be someone wearing a bathing suit that looks worst. You have a nice body dont doubt yourself. I like your selection i would go with the coral bottoms, just my taste. Your braver than me i have no intentions to wear a suit this summer at all. Have a wonderful weekend. Oh ps your milk bubbles make the suit more interesting dont ya think hehe