Are you a Supermom fan??

Because if you are you're going to love this!!!!!

Supermom has a fan page on Facebook!!!!

Pretty cool huh! It's a place we can chat and talk about what is on our minds. Or even to play "HELLO" tag.

I hope all you dads have a fabulous Father's Day.

We will be flipping homemade blueberry pancakes in a few for Superdad. Then the kids will be giving him his gift. A new alarm clock. Baby M broke his so we found him a new one. He likes those little travel size ones. Not the ones that plug into the wall.

I actually had a motive for buying the one I did. They don't make the kind he LOVES anymore. It's a Radio Shack classic. (They changed the design and the new model sucks! Trust me. We bought it and took it back.) Before they stopped making them he bought H one. Soooo, I bought this really cool clock that changes colors and such. Perfect for a teenager! Do you see where I am going with this??

I am hoping that H will go crazy over the new clock and Superdad will offer to trade her!

Supermom has all sorts of ideas! I am a crafty woman to have around. Don't you agree?