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It's already the last day of June???

I took the kids to the pool today. I forgot my book. I forgot the camera. I am surprised I remembered how to get there.

Last night I fixed the best BBQ roast, corn on the cob and slaw. I was able to grab the camera, or tell H to get it for me, and take this great picture.

Corn on the Cob

Who knew eating corn on the cob could be so darn adorable?!?!? She really didn't chow down like I thought she would. She just licked the butter off of it. Whatever works!

H took this picture and played with photoshop.

Baby M

I really like the picture.

The pictures below are from her camp stay at Fort Caswell on the beach. My daughter has an amazing eye!!!

Fort Caswell

Fort Caswell

Fort Caswell

Fort Caswell

Speaking of H. Earlier they were making some peanut butter sandwiches. B2 used the last of the bread. I told them that there were all sorts of crackers to use because I wasn't running to buy more bread. H said, "But I want a sandwich." I said, "Well, go make some bread for your sandwich."

I didn't even get a response!!!!

Somethings I cannot put into words they are just there.

I have blogged about depression, anxiety and PPD several times before. It's something that is hard to explain especially when others haven't had do deal with it before.

Here's a private battle I deal with. I have been dealing with it for 10 years. Maybe even more. Who knows. After I had B2 it hit me. I really thought I was losing my mind. I sure did feel like it. I tried various medications and eventually found something that worked for me. It made me feel more like my old self. I was able to get out of bed. I was able to leave the house. I was able to stop some of the OCD tendencies I had developed. My OCD was aimed toward cleaning. It was really weird. Even though I knew I just mopped the floor if the thought came to my mind I had to mop it again to make the thought stop.

My mind wouldn't shut up.

After my divorce I got the wild idea of stopping my medications and seeing how things would go. I found that I had to go back on the medications. Did I feel like a failure for not being able to cope without medications? Sort of. I had to do whatever it took to feel good.

I was working a full time job managing the drug store. I was raising two wonderful kids. I was dealing with depression and anxiety. It had become part of my life.

Then I met a man. Let's call him Superdad. He knew I was taking a certain medication that people can be addicted to and abuse. I wasn't one of those people. I used it to stop anxiety attacks. So, here I thought, I have met this wonderful man. What if I don't require these medications anymore. The mind works in mysterious ways!

I stopped my meds and had the worst withdrawals ever!!! OMG!!! It was torture. But I did it. I wasn't living off a pill everyday to get out of bed. Life was good.

Then it came back. My doctors said I had PPD after having Baby M. I felt that feeling creeping back and I was terrified.

Even though I still have OCD tendencies that revolve around cleaning, I know I have them. They are just apart of my life. So what if I keep a clean house. There would be worse to deal with I am sure. I am not up in the middle of the night organizing the kitchen cabinets or mopping so I don't see a real problem with them.

So, I started taking medications after Baby M. I eventually weaned myself off of them. Then the anxiety came back. I was jumpy. I was moody. The kids made me edgy. I went back to my doc and we talked. He put me back on medication.

Superdad has never liked me being on medication. Depression and anxiety is apart of my life. Getting more rest, exercising or changing my diet isn't an answer for me. I am pretty sure it isn't. I need that little dose of Celexa to make it through the day.

Is there really anything wrong with that???

Last week I got a wild hair, as they say, and stopped taking my meds. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone without talking to your doctor!! I am just telling you what I did. It was stupid of me.

Day four of NO medication it hit! OMG, it was awful. I wanted to curl up in a ball and cry. I really wanted to disappear. How can one do that with four kids running around? You cannot. I secretly cried on the phone to a friend. She was upset that I quit my meds and encouraged me to start taking them. I had another friend be upset too that I had stopped my meds. Her example was,

"If you were diabetic would you stop you insulin because you felt better?"

I told her I cannot die from depression or anxiety.

To which she said, "You may think it would be okay to jump off a bridge without your mediation."

I am here to say that I have never had suicidal thoughts on anyone. I am asked that all the time at the doctors. I would never hurt my children or myself. I love living TOOOOOO much.

So, Sunday afternoon I took my meds again. Then I rested.

I woke up Monday feeling extremely better!!! I was able to rest. I didn't have the urge to clean the house with the baby toothbrush like I had had the day before!

Then I told Superdad to pick up my refill. He gets upset that I am back on the medication. He said I didn't give it enough time to get out of my system. That if I exercised. Etc...

So, here I am feeling like I have to defend my depression, anxiety and taking medication. Something that a depressed anxious person doesn't really need.

Right now I need encouraging words. Not judgmental suggestions. I am in a mood over this.

Do you have a wife picked out for your husband?

Seriously! I was asked BY MONICA last week and knew I'd have to blog all about this.

Apparently her mother had a woman picked out for her husband (Monica's dad) if anything were to happen to her (the mom). Did I confuse you?? She had a caring woman in mind that would care for Monica and be a loving wife to Monica's dad.

I think it's an excellent idea ~ sort of. My mamaw told me that when her dad's first wife died he had to meet a nice woman to help with his son. Then he met my great grandmother and they had four great kids. It's how things worked.

I can laugh and joke about finding a backup for Superdad but I don't know that I want him to remarry. I wouldn't want him to be alone but the thought of him with another woman is just creepy weird.

Also, I really don't know any single women that would want Superdad. Said in the most kindest of ways!!!! They love being single and marrying my husband isn't on their to do list. Renee?? Monica?? You two are the only single women I know at this point!!! Speak up now before I will him to someone else!!! :)

So, I don't know what else to add to this. Does anyone want me to keep them in mind to be my kids step-mommy? ~shaking head here~

I couldn't even type that out with a straight face!!

Earlier while on the phone with a friend I mentioned that I wouldn't mind having an extra wife or two! Remember I have blogged about this before! I love BIG LOVE!!!!

Big Love

If there was an extra wife then I wouldn't have to worry about these small details!!!!

What do you think Superdad????

~taking a bow~ Thank you. Thank you.

In less than a week Supermom has over 100 fans!!! That's awesome!!!!

If you sign up today to be fan just let me know and I'll tell you thank you myself on Friday in my Week in Review video blog!


Just comment and let me know!!!!

Friends Stick Together

I'm not sure why this topic came to me the other day but it did. So I added it to my "To Blog About" list. It's 11pm on a Saturday night so I am writing my thoughts down in my notebook using a blue gel pen. ~so I can copy it to my blog later~

I really don't like blue ink. It's a pen I picked up at the lawyers when we refinanced our house when the prices were TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! Not that this is all relevant to the subject at hand. I just like the way the pen writes but not the color.

Snap out of it Michelle! Write up this blog post.


Friends are good.

Friends are lots of fun!

We all need great friends around us. Life is short and my time is very valuable so I am selective about who I spend my time with. We were up on Mount Mitchell today. As I was looking out over the mountains I thought of death. I am not a fan of death. I hope that with age comes a peace about dying. So, I thought that I need to get out and enjoy everything that is possible before that time comes.

Then I thought of the people that are around me. People that I let into my life. People that I call friends.

I have a few select wonderful women and men that are included in my every day life. People that I talk to on the phone. People that come to my house. People that are around my children. People that I am able to just be my myself around. People that don't judge. People that are supportive. People that are true.

Friends stick together because that's just what friends do. I once read a quote somewhere and I am going to try and remember it. I am awful at RE-telling things like that. So don't look to me to tell you a funny joke I heard because I cannot.

I may not always be right there when you need me but I am just a phone call away!

Something like that.

I know that life gets busy and we aren't able to always be with our friends but that doesn't mean they are far from our thoughts.

Here are a few shots from yesterday at Mount Mitchell.

Mount Mitchell

Mount Mitchell

Mount Mitchell

Mount Mitchell

Mount Mitchell

Mount Mitchell

Mount Mitchell

Mount Mitchell

Mount Mitchell

~H and B2 didn't go with us because they would have totally been bored out of their mind!!! This post was also written last night and typed up today.~

A week in review.

Lil O makes me a grocery list. You have to see this!!!

Lil O handed me her grocery list with pictures and lines to check things off!!

Shopping List

This first item is juice boxes. See the box with the straw????

Then balloons.

The sun represents outside toys.

Then she wants a pool.

I think she is totally adorable and one smart cookie!!!

Superdad writes Supermom a Love Note.

Sorry ladies he is OFF the market!

Superdad Write Supermom a Love Letter

Yes, he unloads the dishwasher!

I heart buttons.

I have a secret love for buttons. It's not something I advertise to people. It's a hidden love I suppose. Not that I am ashamed of my love for buttons.

My grandmother B had a big button tin that I used to love to play in when I was a small child. I would run my fingers through the buttons seeing all the colors. I would string them up to pretend I was making a necklace. They were so beautiful to me. I was in love with those buttons.

About 14 years ago I asked grandmother B about that tin of buttons. Do you know what?

SHE GAVE ME THE TIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My beautiful buttons!!!! She still had them and she let me have them. They mean so much to me.

When H was in Kindergarten they were each a letter of the alphabet. H was the letter "B" and Miss Beautiful Buttons. I went through my beloved button tin and found lots of pretty bright buttons and glued them to her shirt and made her a hair bow to match! Later I plucked the buttons off the shirt and put them in H's memory book as decorations. Ahhh, good times.

My buttons have been on my mind for a few weeks now. I wanted to get them out and display them. Which Superdad isn't toooo thrilled about. Anyway, a few days ago I brought my beloved button tin upstairs.

Grandmother B said that people used to take the top and bottom off the tin and hang them for pictures.

Vintage Buttons

I opened up the lid and the memories came flooding back. There was even a string in the tin from where I would string them up.

Vintage Buttons

It may not look too exciting until you start sorting them out. Here's my idea. I thought I would find a few clear antique canning jars to display my buttons. One jar would be odd and original buttons. One jar I will layer like a pretty rainbow. One jar would be a mixture. What do you think?

Here are a few pictures when the sorting began. THIS IS DAY FOUR OF ME SORTING through 100's of buttons.

Odd and original:

Vintage Buttons


Vintage Buttons


Vintage Buttons


Vintage Buttons


Vintage Buttons

I also have yellows, greens and whites. Soo many beautiful buttons.

If you have more buttons you'd love to send to me for my secret button obsession I would be totally excited!!!!! Really excited!!!!!!!!!!

Things you learn when you Google yourself.

Admit it! You have Googled your name before. Even your old boyfriends name as well. I have! Is that considered stalker-ish?? I think not! I think everyone is just curious. It is human nature after all.

Yesterday I Googled The Adventures of Supermom. There are lots of different women with the tag line. I once saw a status on Facebook and it came to mind when I saw the Google results.

Is amused to be imitated, but remember...I can't be duplicated.

I am not saying these wonderful women are imitating me, NOT AT ALL.

I am just saying that there is ONLY ONE Michelle @ The Adventures of Supermom.

You can always recognize my blog by the header at the top!

The Adventures of Supermom

I am the only one who writes for this blog unless I have a guest blogger. Which I love having BTW!!!!!!

Off to Google more people!

You know that it's **NOT** going to be a good day when:

**UPDATE** I now have another child throwing up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You wake up to your four year old throwing up in their bed.

Enough said.

CALGON TAKE ME AWAY!!! Or someone bring by cold beer please. Or both. Or peanut butter cups. Or mango ice cream.

Am I asking too much?

I CONFESS!!!! I used to own and wear Hammer pants!

You know you did tooooo!!!

Don't be ashamed!

Lets dance!!

What does the future hold with crazy teen speak?

The othr day I ws watchn H msg some1 on MySpace and I crgned. She lft lettrs out and kept on typng. I rly don't knw how she knew wht the hell she ws sayn wth all the lettrs missn.

I knw that if I typd lke that I wld confse myself mre thn jst takn the time to typ it all out.

I wnder if there is a spell chk for teen shrthd? If nt then mayb we need to invent 1 and mke sme $$.

It rly took alt to type this out. It wld hve been easier on my brain to jst type the corect spelln.

A msg to u teens. STOP ths crazy nonsense and type like you know something!

Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic.

Yes, I know there is a card stuck to our ceiling!

Every little thing she does is magic

Yesterday we had company. Superdads longest/oldest friend came over while he was in town. He's a great guy and I enjoy his company. He even took our wedding photos as our wedding gift! He's an awesome photographer. Plus, he loves magic!!!

We were sitting in the floor playing with the girls when he had Superdad write on any card. The card was put back into the deck. He brought out his "secret" tin. He pulled out 2 rubber bands. I forget what he called them.

He put them around the deck. He then threw the deck up and it hit the ceiling. The deck fell down leaving the RIGHT card stuck to our ceiling.

I don't know how he did it. It's magic! :)

We left the card there. I actually like it there. I hope it stays a long time. I guess it depends on how long the "magic" works.

Are you a Supermom fan??

Because if you are you're going to love this!!!!!

Supermom has a fan page on Facebook!!!!

Pretty cool huh! It's a place we can chat and talk about what is on our minds. Or even to play "HELLO" tag.

I hope all you dads have a fabulous Father's Day.

We will be flipping homemade blueberry pancakes in a few for Superdad. Then the kids will be giving him his gift. A new alarm clock. Baby M broke his so we found him a new one. He likes those little travel size ones. Not the ones that plug into the wall.

I actually had a motive for buying the one I did. They don't make the kind he LOVES anymore. It's a Radio Shack classic. (They changed the design and the new model sucks! Trust me. We bought it and took it back.) Before they stopped making them he bought H one. Soooo, I bought this really cool clock that changes colors and such. Perfect for a teenager! Do you see where I am going with this??

I am hoping that H will go crazy over the new clock and Superdad will offer to trade her!

Supermom has all sorts of ideas! I am a crafty woman to have around. Don't you agree?

Happy Father's Day

Card from My Punch Bowl.

Supermom in a bathing suit.

We had a fabulous time at the pool today! Baby M was so tired that she took a nap.

Swimming Pool

This is how I spent my time holding a sleeping baby. Too bad I couldn't play Facebook Scrabble on the Blackberry.

Swimming Pool


Swimming Pool

All 5 of us had a nice time. I picked up H's boyfriend and he joined us girls at the pool. It was nice having a guy around. He helped me set up my chair and he even helped watch Lil O.

There are hazards I mean JOYS of going to the local pool beside your old high school. You run into people you went to high school with. Nahhh, it wasn't bad really. I ran into a girl I graduated with and then a girl I used to hang with back in the day! The girl I used to hang with is actually a pleasure to talk with! In fact, I saw her last year at the pool after Baby M was born.


I took meds earlier. I am having trouble shaking a headache. Yes, it's the same one I've been SHAKING since last FRIDAY!!!!

Tomorrow I am going to clean house and rest. BECAUSE Saturday we are hitting the pool!!! My GF Renee will be there so I can hang out with her by the pool.

Must go whip up some dinner.

Who knew it would involve so much?

Today me and the babes are hitting the pool for some sun and adventure. Woohoooo!! I get to wear my new bathing suit.

I started preparing for the pool trip about 1/2 hour ago! Who knew I had to take so much stuff? You'd think I was packing for a long weekend trip.

I have 3 bags already and I know there will be a fourth.

I have a plastic bag with goggles, swim vest and pool toys.

A bag with towels, blanket, t-shirts, hats and etc.

A bag for snacks and drinks.

I just feel a fourth bag for the things that wouldn't fit in the other three bags.

I have sunscreen, 2 kinds, and the camera to pack still. Oh, and a camping chair for me.

WOW, all this for a couple of hours at the pool that is just 15 minutes away from us.


Encouraging your teenager to get a job.

I am encouraging H to get a part time job over the summer since she turned 15 earlier this month.

Part time as in 1-2 days a week. Really nothing more. That's all she really needs to work. It's more for the experience with the extra BONUS of spending money for her. H has some promising prospects and she will know more next week.

There is also the possibility that she will be babysitting for some from friends of ours. H has already taken the babysitting class at the American Red Cross. I know H would do great!

I think part of me doesn't want her to grow up. Even Supermom cannot slow or stop time.

Back to working at the age of 15. I got my first job at 15 working part time at Ingle's running a register. It was lots of fun!

I think all kids should be encouraged to adventure into adulthood.

Even if it is part time.

Supermom tells you why she wants a new husband.

Several have asked so I wanted to type up the blog post real quick.

I am really not looking to replace Superdad. I tease him that my next husband will be British though.

Here's the conflict.

I want another baby. I am not talking like this year or maybe not even next year. I just don't want it RULED out NOW! I just turned 35 and know that my baby making years are almost over. I know I am not old BUT I had my first child at 20! That's 15 years ago. My body is tired! We even thought I was heading towards menopause because I haven't had a period in almost 2 years. They started on a regular basis in May so I now know that is not the case now. So, I have hope that we will have one more baby.

I love Superdad dearly and want to have another baby with him. We have wonderful daughters and I would love to have one more in hopes that it would be a boy. I'd love to have a mini Superdad running around the house in his glasses with a Consumer Reports on Toys! Seriously, that would be awesome!

I know there is a chance it would be a girl and that's okay.

Superdad says he is done having children so I told him I was looking for another husband that would give me more children.

There you have it!

Tell Superdad to let me have ONE MORE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Perhaps I should start a poll to hear your answers!

Father's Day is on SUNDAY!!!

Time to be thinking of how to make all the dads special on their day!

I am planning a small cook out on Sunday. I am going to get the kids involved and make it lots of fun instead of lots of stress. We can enjoy the front porch and a cold beer or cold sweet tea.

I will be grilling out some hamburgers and hot dogs. Make some tator salad, slaw and chili. YUMMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!

What plans do you have for Father's Day?

Off my camera card:

We painted our nails.

Painted Nails

Baby M fell asleep after the cookout.

Sleeping in Car Seat

Doctor Baby M to the ER STAT!!!!

Doctor Baby M

Supermom is now accepting applications/resumes...

...for husband #3.

Details to come later.

HA HA!!!

TNT has an awesome night in store for YOU! Wedding Day. Hawthorne. Saving Grace.

I was able to review some GREAT shows that premiere tonight. Don't worry because THERE ARE NO SPOILERS in this review. I would never spoil anything for you!

Let's start with Wedding Day because it comes on first tonight.

Introducing another reality show.

Boy meets girl.
Girl falls in love with boy.
Boy proposes.
Girl says yes.

"Insert a tragic event here"

Then you get family, friends and planners to DO your wedding for you.

I am sorry TNT but I am not a fan of Wedding Day. Can I say that since you were so kind to share your new show with me?

If you love reality shows, weddings and crying then this show is for you.

Wedding Day premieres tonight on TNT, check your local listing for correct time.

Tell me if I should give this show another chance!!! Be sure to comment and tell me what you think!

HAWTHORNE with Jada Pinkett Smith.

O.M.G. is all I can say. I watched the pilot episode and this show ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love medical dramas! This show is fabulously awesome!!!!

WOW!!! TNT has some powerful women this season. Kyra Sedgwick on The Closer, Holly Hunter on Saving Grace and now Jada Pinkett Smith on HAWTHORNE.

Great job TNT!!!! I am hooked on HAWTHORNE!!!!!! The pilot was really good. I hope that it has instant success and has lots of fans! I will still be the #1 fan though!!!!!

HAWTHORNE premieres tonight on TNT. Be sure to check your local listings for the correct time and please please please comment to tell me what you think of the show after you watch it.

Saving Grace with the wonderful Holly Hunter.

I admit that I have never watched Saving Grace before. I have seen the commercials and I have friends that are fans. It just never fit into my TV schedule.

I was able to watch 3 shows to try and catch up. It's already on Season THREE!! Then I called my friend who is their #1 fan and talked to her about Saving Grace.

I wasn't able to go into much detail because I didn't want to ruin anything for my friend.

Here's what I got from watching Saving Grace. Feel free to correct me or even fill me in more!

Grace is a police detective with BALLS. Yes, I did just say that. She has a last chance angel named Earl. It took me a little bit to realize Earl was an angel. I am guessing he's there to "straighten up" Grace from her wild ways.

I am not sure if he's there because she is dying and giving her a last chance or if he's just there.

I am unable to go into more details because I don't want to spoil anything for the Saving Grace fans.

Be sure to tune in tonight to watch the premiere. Check local TV listing for the correct time.

TNT does know drama!!!!!

First full week of summer vacation:

Monday ~ clean house CHECK
Mrs F coming over CHECK

Tuesday ~ pool

Wednesday ~ Take mamaw out for her 79th birthday

Thursday ~ pool

Friday ~ clean house and laundry

Saturday ~ NOTHING!!

Sunday ~ cook out for Father's Day!

Is she talking to me?

Superteen got up after 9 a.m.

She said, "Are you going to fix breakfast?"

Je ne parle pas anglais.

Four year olds are awesome!!!!

Supermom ~ Why is your doll stroller broken? It's all bent.

I got in the floor to work on it.

Lil O ~ I don't know.

Then here's the punch line!!!! Drum roll please.

Lil O ~ I didn't SIT in it.

~shaking head~

I need to teach her how TO NOT tell on herself!

Please forgive me.

I finished the WHOLE bag in 24 hours.

Please keep me Number One!!!!

Pretty please with a cherry on top.

Go check me out on Mom Bloggers Top 100. Just click the picture below. No, this is not a trick!!!

There is someone catching up to me fast!!!

I'll give you a kiss!!!!!

This is what silence sounds like.

Schools Out For The Summer!!!!!!

Day TWO of no school. It's going fabulous!! I haven't started twitching yet. Ha Ha! I tease. I really do have great kids and don't expect to yell much over this vacation. I hope.

I started off day two of summer vacation by cleaning house, planning a menu then hitting Earth Fare for groceries. Exciting huh?? I thought you would agree.

With the weather hot and not wanting to make lots of heavy meals I made a light simple menu that will have leftovers and make life easy.

There will be lots of fresh fruit and veggies! Hummus. Fish. Here's what I have decided to make. In no certain order.

~ Cheeseburgers and a new potato salad recipe. I will grill these babies on the charcoal grill.

~ Salmon Melon Salad. This is a new cool recipe that will be perfect for a hot day. I will blog about it after I make it with the details.

~ Lasagna with homemade sauce. More details to come when I make it.

~ Tuna Pasta.

~ Veggie Burgers. They are simple and easy. Perfect for not spending time in the kitchen.

I bought lots of fruit, veggies and snack food since everyone will be home.

I will go ahead and type of my Earth Fare grocery shopping trip.

I spent a total of $ 205.28 This is for TWO weeks and ALL ORGANIC. It is a bit more that I usually spend but I bought more snacks and 2 prepared sandwiches for lunch. They have the best hummus veggie wrap and curried chicken wrap.

Bakery ~ bread $10.17
Diary ~ $41.44
Deli ~ $11.98 the two wraps I told you about.
Frozen ~ $24.13 They had frozen veggies on sale so I picked up a couple bags that weren't on the list. I don't count those as impulse because we use them on a regular basis.
Grocery ~ $55.75 Everything else.
Meat & Seafood ~ $18.22
Fruit & Veggies ~ $41.11

I saved $13.70 by buying on sale and using coupons.

Not too bad. We won't have to buy anything for the next two weeks but maybe milk, eggs and bread.

Must go referee the FOUR year old and FIFTEEN year old. ~eyeroll~

Rain rain go away...I want to send the kids out to play.

The first day of summer vacation was really nice. I know it wasn't how H was planning to spend the day but she was a real trooper and enjoyed herself after all. Here's our busy yet fun day.

I was in and out of the DMV in 15 minutes. I have an ugly picture to prove it. I also now have ONE RESTRICTION! I have to wear my glasses to drive. I kind of knew it was going to happen. Oh well, goes with age I suppose.

We then headed to the best store EVER!!!! TARGET!!!!!! H shopped some and I shopped some. I was in need of some tee's for the summer. I have to have ultra THIN tee's. I found four great colors at Target and a pair of shorts. Sorry Superdad I needed clothes to fit this shrinking body of mine. :)

Then we hit Sear's. I took back the bathing suit bottoms from Land's End and bought another pair of bottoms in the Land's End section. I'll look on their website to see if I see the one I bought today. They are a ribbed texture. Yes ~ eyeroll~ ribbed for your pleasure. There I said it!
HA HA!!!

I tried on the suit when I got home and I love how it fits my body. I am super excited to have a bathing suit I actually like. Now let's hit the pool!

After all of the shopping and picture taking we met friends at Fun Depot for a playdate/lunch. It was lots of fun!!!! I really enjoy hanging out with Mrs F. She makes me laugh. She may even motivate me to work out. MAY being the key word there. I told her I wanted smaller thighs. HA HA!! I guess I cannot just wish them away I will have to work on them. UGH!!!! Even Superdad surprised us and stopped by FD to play for a bit. He's such a sweetie.

Anyway, today has been a nice day. I have taken a power nap with Baby M. Took a bath with Baby M. Now I am going to think about dinner. I thought about making more cinnamon rolls and frying up some eggs. Maybe make some fried tators and such to go with the eggs. Who said you can only eat that stuff for breakfast anyway???

Dear DMV, Please don't take my license away.

Dear DMV,

I plan on stopping by this morning to renew my drivers license. Yes, it expired on my birthday. I was busy celebrating turning 35 and I just didn't make time to stop by there. Yes, I did in fact get the postcard SIX months ago to remind me. I am not sure where I put it though. I forget. Why do you send those out that early anyway?

The question I want to ask is, "How long will this take?"

Today is the first day of summer vacation for the kids. I will be bringing hormonal teen with me so she can watch over the babies. I need extra help so I can take your eye exam and get my picture taken with my new short hair. Please feel free to photoshop the bags from under my eyes! I would appreciate that!

Please make it snappy because we have a FULL day planned. DMV, Sears, Target and then Fun Depot.

See you shortly! Can I bring donuts and coffee to bribe you?? Would that be appropriate??


No one can ever say I am a patient person.


I am impatiently waiting for my bathing suit to arrive. The status says,
"On truck for DELIVERY!"


Cry me a river.

I am having cutters remorse. I miss my hair. I really didn't think I would care since I love short hair. I love my crazy bedhead. I love not having to fix it. I can get up and just GO. I love my hair.

This morning I woke up and saw my hairless face in the mirror and this image come to mind.

This is a picture of all my hair in the floor after my hair was cut yesterday. See all those pretty curls. SNIFFLE!!


I know I wore it up the past few weeks but at least I had it. I know I complained that I didn't like it. I think I have changed my mind. I know Superdad had visions of me in pigtails in a cheerleaders outfit jumping on the bed. Well, he never specified the cheering outfit I am just throwing it in for special effects. ha ha

I went looking for short hair photos of me that I looked pretty in. Let me rephrase that. I went looking for photos that I thought show who I am. Short hair and all portraying me as a feminine woman. Men seem to like hair on a woman. They think it defines who we are sexually. Except my Superdad. He loves my crazy short hair. :)

I am here to say that short hair on a women is sexy!!!!!!!! I found a picture that shows how a mom can be sexy with short hair. Check out my amazing bedhead shadow on the wall!

The verdict is in.

Super Short Hair

Happy 15th Birthday to my Crazy Beautiful H!

Card found at www.mypunchbowl.com

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

Yesterday I thought I would mix things up some. I had some extra cream cheese icing from making the carrot cake and I wanted to use it on a recipe instead of letting the kids eat it all up. Instead of making pancakes our usual Sunday breakfast I made some cinnamon rolls.

I made up a simple biscuit dough.

2 cups all purpose flour
4 teaspoons baking powder
3/4 teaspoon salt
6 tablespoons butter
3/4 cup milk

Mix dry ingredients together. Cut in butter with a pastry blender. Then add milk and stir with a fork until dough forms.

Put dough on floured work surface. I rolled the dough out pretty thin in a rectangle shape. I then sprinkled lots of brown sugar and cinnamon on the dough.

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

I then used a pizza cutter and cut the dough into long strips. I then rolled the strips up and placed on cookie sheet.

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

I baked for about 12 minutes on 425.

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

Added the icing.

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

Then served to my family with love.

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

These were a hit of course. Who doesn't love a cinnamon roll with cream cheese icing??