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It's already the last day of June???

Somethings I cannot put into words they are just there.

Do you have a wife picked out for your husband?

~taking a bow~ Thank you. Thank you.

Friends Stick Together

A week in review.

Lil O makes me a grocery list. You have to see this!!!

Superdad writes Supermom a Love Note.

I heart buttons.

Things you learn when you Google yourself.

You know that it's **NOT** going to be a good day when:

I CONFESS!!!! I used to own and wear Hammer pants!

What does the future hold with crazy teen speak?

Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic.

Are you a Supermom fan??

Happy Father's Day

Supermom in a bathing suit.

Who knew it would involve so much?

Encouraging your teenager to get a job.

Supermom tells you why she wants a new husband.

Father's Day is on SUNDAY!!!

Off my camera card:

Supermom is now accepting applications/resumes...

First full week of summer vacation:

Is she talking to me?

Four year olds are awesome!!!!

Please forgive me.

Please keep me Number One!!!!

This is what silence sounds like.

Schools Out For The Summer!!!!!!

Rain rain go away...I want to send the kids out to play.

Dear DMV, Please don't take my license away.

No one can ever say I am a patient person.

Cry me a river.

The verdict is in.

Happy 15th Birthday to my Crazy Beautiful H!

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

I don't know what to do!!!!!!