Wow, what a weekend.

We worked. We argued. But we haven't had make-up sex.

This weekend has been busy to say the least. I thought I would strip off the yucky caulk in the hall bathroom. Which made Superdad grumpy and he's been putting new caulk up today.

H went to spend the weekend with her grandparents but she came home on Saturday because she is sick.

Superdad did take B2 to see the Star Trek movie. B2 loves it but Superdad wasn't impressed. I am not sure the specifics.

My fingers are so sore and swollen. From working 6 hours in the hall bathroom!!!! Someone come kiss and make them better please. OR bring DONUTS!!!!!!! WHATEVER!!!!!!!!!!

The countdown continues until Mary Jane is here. Hormonal teen didn't want to give up her bedroom with the big bed so I am working on B2's room for company.

I had the awful vision on MJ going to bed only to find a booger on the wall. So, I laid down in the bed and looked around. Wondering where an 11 year old boy could place such a thing. Then I changed the sheets and Febreezed like everything in the bedroom for her. I would rather her be in a girly room but sadly she will be spending her nights with Superman and The Hulk. I guess that isn't too terribly bad if you think about it.

I cannot wait for my friend to get here and spend a few days. I have my birthday and my anniversary this coming week. Lots to look forward tooooo.

Okay, must go pick up the dining room and whatever else I step on along the way.

I hope that you enjoy your Memorial Day!! Who's off tomorrow??


mary said…
Michelle sounds like you had a busy weekend. Aren't teengirls just wonderful NOT, good luck with Hannah. Hope you have a wonderful time with MJ when she arrives. Nice that B2 is giving up his space for her. Have a wonderful monday, Mary
Monica said…
just tell her the Hulk will scare the boggies
Anna said…
I'm glad you got through the weekend alive. Hang in there! You deserve a treat. Maybe your kids will give you one.