Tonight I cried... I cared for my 11 year old son.

In the previous video you were shown his black eye. He got that black eye from throwing a baseball up in the air and catching it.

Only one time he missed.

He was quiet during dinner. He was exhausted from taking the EOG's and the trauma of being hit in the eye with a baseball.

After dinner he goes outside and wants Superdad to play catch with him.

Do you see where I am going with this?

I was cleaning up from KIDS gone Wild when I hear the crying. I look out and see B2 crying and making his way in the house with blood on him. I heard him say, "It's bad."

My poor baby missed the ball again.

His nose caught it though.

I met him at the stairs with a towel. I just sit in the floor holding my baby. Rocking him. Getting him to calm down. I just sit there holding him and rocking.

My poor baby.

I get him up. Fix him a drink and take him to my bathroom. Run him a hot bath. Help him undress and get into the tub.

I wash his hair. This is where I start to cry. I scrub behind his ears and tickle his toes.

I leave him to finish up and relax in the tub.

No matter how old our children get, they are still our babies.


Penelope Anne said…
Anna said…
I am crying too, but only because I am so touched by this event that you have chosen to share. Thank god you are there to love and care for your child when he needs you. Someday, he will comfort a friend, a lover, a spouse, or a child they way you have so expertly, genuinely and lovingly cared for him.
Monica said…
I'm sorry I called so late...I was ill I could not message you on facebook. I had to know where he was hit. Poor guy will be sore in the morning. Hopefully EOGs wont be as bad tomorrow so he can take it a bit easy.
Anonymous said…
Poor thing!! Both of you! Hugs to all. And, yeah, they are still our babies.
I am with you. I cry with my kids too. You never stop no matter how old they are. And so what if baseball or sports is not his thing. You never who - he could grow up to be the next Bill Gates.
Supermom said…
Thanks everyone!

He is at school taking tests. He might call me when they are over to come pick him up.

Hmmm, the next Bill Gates. That wouldn't be so bad!

Michelle :)
Monkey's Momma said…
Poor little guy~