Things you should know when joining Facebook.

I have been debating about typing this up but what the heck. It is my blog after all. This is all hypothetical ANYWAY.

I have blogged about Facebook before if you remember. Calling it MySpace for adults.

Well, I am here to tell you, hypothetically of course that you will meet someone that will cause you a bit of grief. Not everyone is meant to be BFF's. There is nothing wrong with that! We are adults and should act like such. Even if you were friends in high school doesn't mean you are meant to BFF's as adults. IT'S OKAY PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We meet many different people in our life and some are there only for a short time for a certain reason.

HYPOTHETICALLY that person may start a blog because you have inspired them. Which is fine and dandy. It's their time. Just don't expect instant success. It has taken me years to get this blog where it is today.

HYPOTHETICALLY that person may offer advice even though they don't know what they are talking about. Since when did they become the expert in life?? I thought that was something WE all learn with age. I also know you cannot believe everything you hear!

HYPOTHETICALLY I knew things about the other hypothetical person and GAVE THEM THE BENEFIT of the doubt. Does that make me FAKE? No, it makes me a person that doesn't judge. A person willing to give that hypothetical person a chance. We are all human, no one better than the rest.

HYPOTHETICALLY that other person wanted to blame others for their unhappiness. Last time I checked it was MY responsibility to make myself happy. Not others. Just because we don't agree on a topic doesn't mean NAMES need to be called. My mamaw always told me that when you hear someone calling someone a bad name their ignorance shows. I never name called but the hypothetical person found it very easy to call me a bitch. HYPOTHETICALLY speaking of course.

HYPOTHETICALLY you should make sure your house is in tact before judging others.

I am no saint. No one KISSES my behind.

I am a nice woman. I make you laugh. I hold your hand when you cry. I give you my ear to tell me things. I am there unconditionally for you without JUDGING. Hell, I'd want to be my friend if I wasn't already my own friend. :)

Jealousy is a hard thing to swallow. HYPOTHETICALLY speaking of course. I don't go around thinking I am special. I know I am special. I have a loving family that adores me. I have friends that think I am cool. What more could I want? Is my life all perfect? LORD NO!!! What would the fun in that be?

I just know that you make your life the way you want it. You can sit around and make yourself a victim or you can get off your ass and do something about it. Stop all this WOE IS ME. Be happy. Live Life. Enjoy what the day brings.

When you have to take that HYPOTHETICAL person off your friends list because you have to move on. IT'S OKAY!!!!!!!!! Just so everyone acts like adults.

I hope that everyone has wonderful ventures on Facebook. Just know that it's okay to not be friends with every single person that went to your school.