Supermom Speaks.


Cool! I found the comment link this time.
It's nice to "meet" you face to face! Well kinda. You tube is like that. Wow! Maybe when I have enough followers like you maybe posting a you tube video from time to time would be cool.
Faster than typing.
Thanks for showing yourself. And BTW--I still think you are awesome. I LOVE your Supermom theme....Don't we ALL have to be supermoms when we have kids?
monicad1974 said…
I love it... Wait is R going to give you a present everyday til your birthday? J/k
Hey! I like your blog so much it won an award! Lovely Blog award! come check it out on my blog! Thanks for stopping by!
Penelope Anne said…
I LOVE YOU SUPER MOM! is .com - LOL! I uberlove the video blogging and your hair is FANtastic! M is also for
...memorable, model citizen, magnanimous, magnificent..well, i could go on forever!!!! I fixing to go blog about my cuppys! I had SO much fun last night and I hope you Anna had fun today! ((((SMOOCHES)))
Lydia Dustin said…
I love your new necklace. I am a Scrabble freak as well.

I loved your piece about Facebook.

I wrote one about Facebook as well. Now the world seems to know what I am doing 24/7. The people who I see at the grocery store mention it on Facebook.

I HYPOTHETICALLY like getting back in touch with some friends. Some friends that is. Some times the past should stay in the past!
Lydia Dustin said…
I love your necklace I am a Scrabble girl too!

I too wrote about Facebook, last week I think. I love Facebook but HYPOTHETICALLY some people are best kept in the past!
Vanessa said…
I love the necklace!!
Your video post is great! It's nice to see the face to the blog!

I just wanted to let you know that I gave you a blog award come pick it up at my blog!

Supermom said…

Glad you all enjoyed my make-up less bags under my eyes video blog.

You can see I am totally TRUE and HONEST with you!!!!

Michelle :)
Mary said…
Hey Michelle, cute hair do. I love now that your letting your hair grow. It was cute cut short but even better now. I like the little pig tails. Have a wonderful Friday
PS cute necklace too.