Superdad liked this card so much that he gave it to me twice.

Mother's Day Cards

When you have been given the most beautiful card you always remember it.

My Wife, My Love, My Friend

It's wonderful to be
both your love and your friend,
but being your husband
is best of all-
It means I get to spend a lifetime
with the woman
who means everything to me.

Happy Mother's Day

Superdad gave me this beautiful card yesterday. I vaguely remembered it from before. From the year 2005 in fact. I went looking through my cards from years past to find the other PERFECT Mother's Day card!!!!

I thought it was adorable to be given the same card twice. He should find this card every Mother's Day. Like a card treasure hunt. No cheating by buying lots of them at one time though. What fun would that be????

This kids added another orchid to my collection.

Orchid Mother's Day

We named her Fred. Well, the kids named her Fred. Isn't she a beauty? I love orchids. They are my flower babies. I have one orchid that blooms such delicate flowers year after year that it makes me so happy!!!!

This Mother's Day was perfect.

A lazy day at home with my loving husband and four wonderful kids.

We had visitors to make this day complete. My mamaw. My great aunt. My daddy and stepmom. My MIL. Even though my mom lives in TN she was the first to call me at 7:30 am to wish me a happy day!!!!!!

A very nice day indeed.


Anonymous said…
i love the necklace it's beautiful and i LOVE orchids they are fab..and smeel like heaven i am glad you had a good day
Mary said…
I love your necklace I have never seen that design before. Your hubby has good taste. No wonder he is called superdad. Your flower is beautiful. I love her name Fred. I suppose that is short for Fredrica, lol take care glad you had a super day.
Supermom said…
Yeah Fredrica!! That's it!!!