She can still see!!! I am laughing with you NOT AT YOU!!

I know this is a story where you really had to be there to see the TRUE humor. I am still going to try and type it up though.

I am all for convenience and all but perhaps everything doesn't have to come in a handy dandy carry on your keyring spray.

Who has one of these??? I don't have one BUT I know of a certain woman that does!

Picture if you will the following story. I am on a play date. Everyone is laughing. Having a wonderful time. Or they are bickering and we are ignoring them. Same difference.

We have a hurt child. Not terribly hurt but wanting some love hurt. She was sliding down one of those plastic slides and it "burned" a spot on her arm. Anna grabbed her enormous keyring with like 100 keys on it. She had some Neo To Go spray for the hurt four year old. She ripped the top off. If you have one of these then you know the top isn't meant to come off.

The four year old is whining because she is on her death bed. She really isn't on her death bed but you know how four year olds act. So Anna is trying to put it back together and sprays herself in the EYE!!!! I kid you not.

I hear, "I don't want to do blind!"

At this point I am laughing so much my sides are hurting. We are both laughing.

I tell her, "I am laughing with you NOT AT YOU!!"

She sprays the ailing four year old and then she runs off to play since she has her new lease on life and all.

I take her enormous keyring and snap the top back on the bottle. Showing Anna that you just have to spray the bottle NOT take the top off because it really doesn't have a top to begin with.

Then Supermom to the rescue. I get some saline eye drops from my purse and hand then to Anna so she can take care of her blinding eye.

That's what friends are for.


Penelope Anne said…
ROF!!!!!! You gals are quite a team! LOL
Anna said…
I'm happy to entertain!
mary said…
you ladies are quite a pair i had wished i was a bird watching from a near by tree. Have a wonderful weekend keep the stories coming.happy friday
Monkey's Momma said…
That sounds like something I would do!
Monica said…
Poor Anna what if that had been her mace...ROFL!!!
Joy Beadworks said…
HA! That is so funny! Read my "Chaos in Kindergarten" from yesterday...we live similar lives!
Sara Bonds said…
Oh my goodness. This made me laugh. I could totally picture it. I would have been cracking up too.

I am new to your blog. I am now following you :o)
LMAO that's hilarious. And I didn't have to be there to see it. xD
Ness said…

I have that stuff and now I'm putting it in the bottom of my purse and off my key ring!

So something I would do!
Supermom said…
LOL Ness!!!

Be careful because you are packing a deadly weapon there!!


Michelle :)