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Wilderness at the Smokies Hotel & Waterpark Resort in Sevierville, TN
{Winter Stay & Play FAM at Wilderness at the Smokies}

Rain rain go away...Lil O wants to go out and play.

Here's the scoop on my grocery visit to Earth Fare. Remember two weeks of groceries for a family of 6. All organic.

TOTAL : $ 186.02

Bulk: 5.08
Dairy: 32.90
Grocery ~ everything else: 52.51
Meat: 36.42
Veggies and Fruits: 37.98

Impulse: 15.68 Breakfast burritos, organic candy bar for Lil O, cheese for me and cookies for Superdad.

Things bought that were on sale but not considered impulse because we use them on a regular basis: 8.00

Drum roll please!!! Savings this trip: $14.17!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who's the awesomest??? I think I may have made up a word just then.


This morning we got up and hit the tailgate market at UNCA. There is a woman there who sales canned goods. I bought some pickled beans, pickled beets and bread & butter pickles from her. Superdad got more plants for his garden.

After all of the above Renee came over. You know RENEE OF CANDY STICK LANE?!?!?! I wined and dined her with coffee and spiced pumpkin bread!

She made Lil O and Baby M dresses!!! They are adorable!!!!! I was able to catch Baby M in her new dress!!! She is definitely a little girl who loves dresses!!!

Candy Stick Lane

She is such a show off!

Candy Stick Lane

**~~UPDATED~~** Baby M is now on ETSY!!!!

Candy Stick Lane ETSY


Tammy said…
she is to cute for words and the dresses are fab good job renee baby m looks fab good job supermom
Anonymous said…
Cutie pie for sure. Renee you have quite a talent. Baby M can be your model. She is a natural. Michlle I forgot to tell you i loved your video blog. Your hair is darling i like it long how bout posting your thoughts on your new do. Does superdad like it too how bout the kids.
You have got a character on your hands. Wait til she is a teen! So who's in charge at your house?
Penelope Anne said…
Thanks you ladies! Miss M is quite the model indeed! She will definitely be a regular in the shop! I was thrilled to find out Super Mom is really Super :D and has a Super Family and Home.....and some really clean floors! LOL XO
Supermom said…
Now now. No teasing me. :)
Monkey's Momma said…
Very, very cute!!! :)

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