One two buckle my shoe. Three four I must go to the store.

Yes, you guessed it. I printed my coupons. I looked through my cookbooks. I made a menu. Then I made the dreaded compacting grocery list. I wouldn't really say dreaded. I will be going WITHOUT H so you know my impulse buying will not be happening!! Thankfully! She made me go way over budget last time.

Here is the menu for next week. In no certain order.

Cheesy Chicken & Rice Casserole with salad.
Beef Mexican Casserole with avocado and salad.
London Broil with sweet potatoes au gratin and salad.
Stuffed Bell Peppers with salad.
Salmon Loaf, corn and slaw.

Yes, we eat a salad with almost all meals.

There will be plenty for leftovers. That will be used when I am busy with scouts and chess. I will be making the Tuna Macaroni Salad, egg salad and Supermom Sandwiches for lunches. Then I will be making bars and muffins for snacks.

Sounds pretty yummy if you ask me. I'll post about how much I spend and of course how much I save tomorrow after I hit Earth Fare.

I painted the girls nails and wanted to show you how adorable!!

Baby M's First Birthday


Anonymous said…
That picture is so adorable!

I need to get back in the swing of planning my menu...winging it isn't working!!
Cute pictures of the girl's toes!
Cool recipe list. I take it you hate grocery shopping as much as I do. Coupons are GREAT BTW! They can save you so much money.
You know what else saves you money when you shop?
Leaving the husband and the kids at home! :)