Old McDonald had a farm. E I E I OOOOOOOOOO.

And on that farm he had a 1 year old Yorkie. E I E I OOOOOOOOO.

If you have been a follower then you know I adore Yorkies. Superdad has told me that when I want one he will get me one. Sadly, today wasn't that day.

I am in the Yorkie loop and was called this morning to go check one out that would be up for adoption. When you get that MUST ACT NOW call you get up and move. I got the girls dressed and headed out in a MAJOR rain storm to see this one year old Yorkie.

I was excited and just knew I'd get to bring her home to join our family. Or so I had thought. We got there in the rain. I spoke to them about the Yorkie. During an exam they noticed a leg injury. They had her on pain meds. I would have to have her examined by my vet and action taken I was told. This threw up a red flag. Then they mentioned some ear issues. ANOTHER red flag. We were put in a room with her to mingle. She wasn't like a happy puppy. Like jump all over you giving you kisses happy puppy attitude. Not even to Lil O.

I just didn't have a good feeling about her. I was really disappointed. I had wanted that Yorkie. Sadly she wasn't the Yorkie that would be joining our home.

I left the Humane Society bummed. I tried to not let it get me down but it did get me down. I was sad. I was sad for the puppy that obviously had a hard life. Who knew the real reason she was there. I know that she will find a wonderful loving home probably before this day is up.


TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's what I'm talking about. Yesterday my BIL came over armed with a weed eater and chainsaw!!! MAN GRUNT HERE!!!!

We worked for awhile in the yard and it looks fine if I say so myself!!!! Job well done. I think we have decided to plant a bunch of bulbs in the fall in the area that was cleared off yesterday! I love it!!!!!!

I cleaned house today! I hope it last at least until this afternoon. HA HA!!!


CONGRATULATIONS on the house cleaning and getting some yard work done. I clean my house and it last oh about 5 minutes and then I back at square one again...Wouldn't trade it for teh world though. Children are wonderful even though they are messy. :)
Penelope Anne said…
OH - I cant wait til you find your soul-yorkie! FUN FUN!!!!
Hadley said…
I am a yorkie lover too, and have a new little Nutkin. I lost Tea Cake last year, at 14, so I know all about yorkshire terriers. We're mommy bloggers and yorkie fans. :)
Supermom said…
Look at all that YORKIE LOVE!!!!!