Nothing says fresh like cutting your own herbs.

See my cute baby tomatoes?


Fresh chives, cilantro and peppermint.


I put the peppermint leaves in the sweet tea I just made because I am having company tomorrow. I used the cilantro in some homemade guacamole to go with dinner tonight. I washed and cut up the chives to use for later. Along with a few peppermint leaves.

You take the cut up herbs and put them in an ice tray.


Just cover them with water. Place in freezer. When frozen just pop them out of the tray and store in a freezer bag in the freezer. Just use when needed. Lay out and let the ice melt and you have some tasty herbs to use all winter long.



Anonymous said…
This is a great idea. I just bought some fresh herbs at the store the other day. Maybe I can save some of them like this.

I decided that I need to grow my own, because rich I'm not!! This is my project this week.
Anonymous said…
do these keep their strength and flavor after being froze
Supermom said…
Why yes they do keep their flavor.

You can go here to see an article about it:

This is my first year trying it. I read it in one of my gardening books.