My friends think I am a Kung Fu fighter!! CHOP CHOP!!

There was a cute email question going around. You emailed this one question to your buddies and they answered then emailed the question to their friends. You will want to play this and find out what your friends think of you.

Here's the question:

If you saw ME in a police car what would you think I got arrested for?
Reply to me, alone, then fwd this on and see how many crimes you get accused of.

Here are the responses that came my way:

~Gosh, that’s hard. I can think of lots of things for other people : ) but you Hmmmmm…
I would have to say you would get arrested for beating the crap out of a burglar that tired to come into the house.

Something like, Michelle did it with the lead pipe in the kitchen! : )

Although if someone came into the house, isn’t that self-defense? Anyway, you get the point!!

That’s fun!

~Assault on a female. I got this answer twice.

~Beating someone for trying to steal tomatoes from Lil O's garden???

~I would not think you got arrested. Many different things could have happened. I would ask the police officer first. Maybe you were a victim, maybe you were a witness, maybe something else.

~I would say that the police trumped up some false charges just so he could have you within his reach/presence and gaze into those starry eyes. (Hypothetically speaking, of course!) I LOVE THIS ANSWER!!!!

~Battery: Maybe someone pushed one of your kids or said something stupid to them... and you beat them up!

Feel free to comment with your guess for the question. I'd love to hear what my readers might think!!!!!!!!


Monica said…
I know!!! You were undercover acting as a prisoner to break a string of blogger robberies.
Mrs Furious said…
That is so funny because I couldn't think of anything I would have truly believed you did. I was leaning towards you were a witness to something.
Penelope Anne said…
NO! Its assault - hand down - assault on a female and it could be for any number of reasons! Everybody was Kung Fu fighting - Supermom is fast as lightning!
Supermom said…
ROFL!!! I loved doing that email game!!!