My daughter has talent. I knew this but wanted you to know.

My daughter H loves playing with photos that she has taken. I bought a domain name last year and told her it was hers to do with what she wants.

This site is going to be a sample of her photographs.

Go look and tell me what you think.

The Asheville Native

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I like the pink flower. And the self portrait is interesting indeed! WOW!
Thanks for sharing! How old did you say your daughter was again?
Supermom said…
She will be 15 in June.

I am her biggest fan!!!!
Anna said…
Hannah, keep up the good work! I told you that you have talent, and here is the proof. Don't waste it! You have something special to offer the world and I am honored to know you.
monicad1974 said…
I think her page is too cute...She will be an artist...