Kids & Chores. Chores & Kids.

I think all kids should have a designated chore. Even a child as young as three can have an easy chore. Each chore must be age appropriate. You wouldn't expect your four year old to vacuum the whole house.

Lil O has been setting the table she was was two-ish. At first she had help from her older brother and sister. Now she prefers to do it all by herself! She will get the place mats out and put them on the table. I will hand her napkins then she will come back and get forks/spoons. She is an awesome table setter!!

Kids really feel good about helping out in the house. Trust me. They do. You aren't being cruel by making them set the table. Make their bed. Pick up after THEMSELVES!! You are teaching them responsibility. Gotta have it.

At the Supermom house I have a special dry erase board just for chores. I found a weekly dry erase board at Target and it hangs in the kitchen. Each child has their own color of marker. The board would probably look something like this for a week:

O ~ set table and pick up toys
B ~ clear table and compost
H ~ collect trash from bathrooms

O ~ set table and pick up toys
B ~ get trash can from curb
H ~ clear table and compost

O ~ set table and pick up toys
B ~ clear table and compost
H ~ swiffer and bathroom trash

O ~ set table and pick up toys
B ~ sweep out garage
H ~ clear table and compost

O ~ set table and pick up toys
B ~ clear table and compost
H ~ dust and swiffer

O~ set table and pick up toys
B ~ clean your room and clear table
H ~ clean your room and compost


Thanks for you help. I LOVE YOU!! Mommy

The chores are done in a timely matter or they lose playtime.

**Laundry isn't on the list because it's done on different days of the week.

The three older kids fold and put up their own clothes. If I am feeling extra loved I may fold their clothes for them.

All the chores are age appropriate and my kids are capable of doing them.

Do you give your kids chores to teach responsibility? It's never to late to start.


Penelope Anne said…
You know Im totally not organized! But mine for sure have chores - my thing is - i let it go until i cant walk through the house and then i start yelling - LOL! They cant exit their room until its clean on the weekends - not even to eat! LOL
Then Sterling has the Kitchen and Dining room, Roman has the living room and the bathrooms and Sterling does all of the their laundry. They each fold their own. And me, being the wonderful example I am - I never fold my clothes - they stay in baskets for weeks - i never make my bed - and my sewing space is always a wreck...did i mention there is fabric and thread everywhere!!!! LOL
Anonymous said…
chores are a great idea jasmine has a list that she is to do every day or she has no free time to visit talk on her phone text or computer time she does it all on the weekend if she dont do it during the week
Supermom said…
I think each child should so a chore everyday.

Can they leave their bedroom to potty?? HA HA!!!

It's only child labor if you pay them. ~WINK~ teasing.

Nothing wrong with CHAOS if you have it organized. HA HA!!
monicad1974 said…
Super mom here to save the day!!!
Penelope Anne said…
LOL! ya know - thats never been an issue - im assuming they pee before I get up - they usually have it cleaned and are in the living room watching tv and eating cereal before i wake up... - I hope Im not included in the 'chore a day' statement cause...I DONT WANNNAAAAA WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!
lol! <3
bestmommy said…
Yes, kids need chores to do! It builds pride and self esteem.
I'm not that good at keeping a chore schedule during the week because we're so busy with activities and homework most nights. Saturday morning tends to be the mad dash to get laundry put away and bedrooms and bathrooms cleaned. My husband likes to make a contest out of it to see who can do the best job in the least amount of time and rewards them with a few dollars each based on how they place in the contest. If each of them keeps their room neat during the week they know it won't take long Saturday morning to declare themselves the winner.
I'm also lucky to have a 15 year old daughter who loves to watch food network and is very interested in cooking. One day last week I left instructions for her to put together a casserole to bake while I was out at soccer practice with her younger brother. She was so proud of herself when the whole family complimented her cooking. The glowing expression on her face and the time it saved me was priceless.
Tiffany said…
Love this! I have six kids and they all have age appropriate chores. I am amazed by how many other parents don't assign chores for fear of "ruining" childhood. It's empowering for them, and helps them be responsible!