It's Friday!!!!!!!!!! ~whew, what a relief~

Today has been a very busy week. I am so ready for a lazy weekend. I really need that!

L. A. Z. Y.

Today I am taking the babies to Earth Fare to get the grocery shopping knocked out so I don't have to leave the house SATURDAY or SUNDAY!!!!

I am recovering from a headache yesterday afternoon. My body is a bit sluggish so I will be moving slow today.

Here's the menu in no certain order:

Chicken Tacos with homemade guacamole and salad.
Veggie Burgers with potato salad.
BBQ Roast.
Veggie Night. This will be whatever YUMMY I see at EF that is reasonably priced! Probably corn on the cob, sweet potatoes and something green.
Crab Cakes with slaw.
Sliced Ham with twice baked potatoes.

Of course I will tell you how much I spend and how much I saved!



I was wracking my brain to figure out who the John Doe was. Then when the chief said he sent George home early I screamed!!!!!!! I heard he was leaving the show. So there you have it.

Message to writers of Grey's.
~I really really love Lexie and Mark together! Please don't break them up!
~I also wonder how you will write in "Meridith's" real life pregnancy???
~When you are you going let Miranda be happy at home???? Just an idea.
~I'm over the Izzy dying living thing. Are you getting her back for not accepting that nomination by going back and forth????


I want to give all my readers a big hug and little squeeze for the kind comments and emails yesterday. I love being a mom blogger. I hope that you can relate to my blog posts about life and kids. I'll always be true to you and tell you what's up.

I am also glad you liked my youtube clip. I was all make-up less with bags under my eyes. THAT'S keeping it real for sure! As moms we don't always put on make-up for lack of time. We are still as beautiful on the outside as we are inside.

YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for reading The Adventures of Supermom.


Grey's premiere was pretty awesome! I too am getting tired of Izzie's dying thing? Are they keeping her? And did you even believe that John Doe character? I had no idea it was (brain fart can't remember his name but you know who he is)
Are they both leaving the show?
I like Meredith's and Derek's vows. So sweet. Looking forward to next year.
monicad1974 said…
yea both are suppose to be leaving the show... I hate to tell them...cancer doesn't kill like that. Feel bad 2 shows, one chemo and a wedding... please...not even...(eating Chocolate...way stressed) cancer hurts... It make your family hurt... Physical pain is nothing.It is the stuff you have to remember that is bad.