It's all about the pizza and beer.

Especially when you beer is served with an orange slice!!! YUMMY!!!

Last night we had the best time eating out with friends for WNCAP~ Dining Out For Life. All eight of us hit a local pizza place that we frequent all the time. It was a really super nice time. I am thankful for my family and friends. I am not going to get all mushy or anything.

I sipped on my Blue Moon beer while chowing down on a spinach salad and pizza!!! We laughed. Talked. Laughed. I nursed. Then we talked some more!

I watched Grey's last night. Did you? Do you think they are going to kill Izzy off?? What about the NYPD Blue woman being her ditzy mom. That was weird. I was wide awake so I watched Private Practice. I haven't been a fan of the spin off and now I know why. It was such a tragic season finale. It made me feel uncomfortable. I just hate that they would end a show like that. It's just really wrong. ~SHAKING HEAD~ So if you are a writer of Private Practice. SHAME ON YOU!!!! You are never supposed to harm little kids, pets or PREGNANT WOMEN on TV. I thought that was a rule! Anyway, I was really disappointed they would do that.

I hope you get lots of hate mail over that. I might even type up an email to send you myself.

Well well well. It's Friday already. I haven't made a menu for next week. I haven't made a grocery list. I will though. Probably tomorrow. Today my plan is to do ABSOLUTELY nothing. Well, okay maybe pick up a bit.


Jennifer said…
Isn't it the best feeling when you have such a great night out!
Penelope Anne said…
I hope you have a fabulous day! From the looks of the sky when I came in (I dont have windows in my office so I dont know what its like now) its gonna be rainy - in my world thats a GREAT day for nothing :D
Supermom said…
The sun is shining now! :)

I hope you have a nice day at work!!

Michelle :)