I want Urban Burrito to go with my Corona!

Today had been a lazy day.

I want to find a muzzle for the bird that was singing at my bedroom window at 5:30 AM this morning. Yes, I have been up since 5:30 AM!!!! Superdad said he would let me sleep in tomorrow. He's AWESOME!!!

Today I have been baking. I made two types of muffins for the family to munch on. Pumpkin, ground cloves, vanilla and cinnamon. Coriander, basil, vanilla and salt. Since corn was on sale yesterday at Earth Fare I made creamed corn today. I put some in the freezer and some in the fridge! YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!! It made a huge mess but it will be worth it!

I helped a friend set up a blog. Pepper Knows Best. I made the header for her. Those are her flowers in her flower garden! Go check her out. Make sure to tell her hello and welcome her into the blogging babe world! I might even personally thank you in my next video blog if you let me know! Deal?

Wow, I have been sort of busy in my supposedly lazy day. We are even having take out for dinner tonight.

I may have a busy life. It's my life and I love it.


Monica said…
Supermom was right again...I'm loving the blog and having a way to spread the word and support info about hydrocephalus. Thank you for your shout out.
Anonymous said…
I hope that you were able to sleep in like you planned! Pumpkin muffins sound awesome!

Busy is good!!
Mary said…
Michelle aka super mom you dont know how to keep birds from singing at your window. Take a foil pie plate, tie string and hang it outside the window where the offender is. the pie plate swinging the breeze will scare him or her away. Worked for me more than once. Good luck let me know how it worked out for you.