I sure wish I had a donut......sigh.....

I thought I would type up about my grocery store visit. It was QUICK and painless. Remember this is for two weeks and all organic.

Total $ 174.05

Bakery~Bread $19.65
Dairy $42.31 WOW!!! Assorted cheeses, sour cream, cream cheese, butter and milk products can bite you in the butt.
Frozen $18.51 This is because I bought some frozen veggies to refurbish the freezer.
Grocery~Everything else $31.97
Meat~ONE ROAST!!!!! $21.14
Veggies and fruit $36.24

Impulse~ Mac and Cheese!!! It was name brand on sale for 1.00 a BOX!! Usually it is two something for one box. These are great for a quick lunch. When you are cooking the pasta just throw in some frozen veggies! The kids love it!

Guess how much I saved buying things on sale and using coupons? $20.40

Not tooooo shabby at all!

Today has gotten better for my headache I believe. I still feel sluggish. This humidity isn't sitting well with me though. Mrs F came over and spent a couple hours here. It was nice to have some adult conversation! She is one smart cookie! :) She makes me laugh! HA HA!! I am sure she will have me rolling at CEC for my birthday party! I imagine her talking ChuckE into table dancing for me! Wouldn't that be a riot?!??!??! I am sure with the other GIRLS there that there is bound to be something wild and crazy happen. CRINGE!!!!

I have made my mind up that I am going to stay in my pj's all weekend. Okay, maybe not the same pj's. I just want to take it easy. I have had a busy week and need to recharge my batteries.


Monica said…
I've been playing blogger all morning...I got poptarts...I'll share...lol
Penelope Anne said…
I wish I had doughnuts to (((bigger sigh))) or cuppys (((tear))) LOL!
You need to do a grocery shopping tutorial! Or write a book - your amazing!
Supermom said…
Thanks! You are just trying to butter me up to make you more CUPCAKES!!!