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I have an amazing green thumb.

Here are a few pictures of my container garden.

Tomato and Basil.

Container Gardening


Container Gardening

Peppermint and yellow squash.

Container Gardening


Container Gardening

Here's a recent picture of Lil O's herb garden. Chives, oregano and cilantro.

Container Gardening

Pictures of Superdad's garden coming soon.


Isn't it fun to garden? Especially when the plants are ALL green and thriving. We planted tomatoes from seeds this year and they are growing so well!!!:)
Penelope Anne said…
They look beautiful! (of course I didnt look too hard, cause ya know im afraid ill see a squiggly - LOL) You and super dad are really bustin a move with the lil gardens!
Sweet Words said…
This year is my first year gardening! I planted spinach, basil & some flowers that I cant even remember the names of, but are for hanging baskets!!! I'm super excited, Sweet Baby helped plant all the seeds. So we have some sprouts coming out of side!!!
Carolee said…
WOW! I can't wait for the weather to get bettet to plant my veggies. Have some flowers going on right now...
Supermom said…
Make sure to post pictures of your hard work!!!!
Monkey's Momma said…
Looks great!!

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