I get pissed off when I hear something like this.

Why can our kids not play outside safely?!??!?!

This was in our local paper.

Girl recovering after dog attack

Sabian Warren • May 26, 2009 02:13 PM

Candler — A 9-year-old Candler girl is recovering at Mission Hospital today after being mauled by three dogs Friday.

Erin Thomas was listed in good condition this afternoon, according to Mission patient information services.

The attack happened at 6:18 p.m. Friday on Corvette Drive, according to a Buncombe County Animal Control incident report. Two pit bulls and a Rottweiler owned by a neighbor were involved in the attack.


Sweet Words said…
It is so sad when something like this happens, not only to a little girl but any human. Hate to say it, but this would be the owners fault. I am a huge dog lover, and I feel that you should never blame the breed. Yes, these dogs are fighting dogs, with proper training this should NEVER have happened. Prayers to the little girl.

*Please remember that this is just my opionion, and others are fully entitled to theirs without critizing.
Ness said…
I know what you mean! No matter what the breed a leash should have been used maybe?!

My daugther has never been around a lot of dogs but it bugs me to no end when I see a dog without a leash.

I know I'm going to piss off the "our pet are a member of this family" group and don't get me wrong I've owned my fair share of animals but these pets are pets and that's why leashes were invented to keep dogs from just attacking people. Even the best dog snaps for one reason or another.
Just my 2 cents...
Supermom said…
Thanks for the comments. It's really a tough subject.

I just think a pet owner is totally responsible for their pets. I believe a pet should stay in its yard or be on a leash.

That is my personal opinion.

I know this little girl will recover but she will also always remember what happened to her. Really tragic and could have been avoided.
Anonymous said…
sweet words you are so right don't blame the breed blame the owners i hope the little girl recovers and is ok and you are right supermom they need to be properly taken care of so that this don't happen there is a leash law in the state of north carolina and this law also applies to the county but it is not as strictly inforced so people think they can get by with it.
Anna said…
There's not enough details to pass judgment. It just said she was mauled on Corvette Dr. Does anyone know if the dogs were let loose in the neighborhood?
Anna B said…
Does it matter if the dogs were loose? They were obviously not under the control of their owners. Even if the little girl was trespassing, lethal force is not called for in this situation. Unless she was attacking the dogs or their owners with the intent to kill either of them, the owners are responsible for the behaviors of their pets. Animals depend completely on humans to know how to act beyond their instincts. The fault lies with the human owners of these dogs in this case, but the child and the dogs themselves will pay the price.
Supermom said…

The little girl was riding her bike. The dogs were roaming the neighborhood and belonged to a neighbor.

That's pretty much all that is being said at the moment.

The little girl is recovering in the hospital. They haven't told more about how she was hurt.

I just know that Candler is tooo close to home for me.
Monica said…
The girl was riding her bike in her own drive way. This is the third time these dogs have been an issue. I have not heard what the other 2 issues were but the dogs were free to roam. If people want these breeds that are such a problem I think the owners should have to keep them in their home with them so if so called if it's trained right dog can turn on it's owner not a child. These dogs took chunks of muscle out of this little girl and part of one ankle and a chunk out of her arm. They were like a wolf pack stalking a kill. There is no telling what pain this little girl will go through. She was in surgery for 3 hours trying to piece together muscle and nerves that had been ripped from her little body. Just wonder how many more surgeries she will have to have. This hurts my heart... and makes me ill.
Sweet Words said…
I live in a small town of 150, and most people here own a dog or two. And unfortunatly 90% of these dogs wonder around town OFF leash. The majority are very friendly, but at any time one of those dogs could just snap, I have seen this happen.

People in town think that we are harsh on our dogs because we have them on leash when they are outside (dont have a fenced yard yet).

First - our dogs wonder and if I dont like other dogs in my yard, why have my dogs in others yards.

Second - What if for some reason one of my dogs snaps at another person or another dog (they are the most gentle dogs, but you never know with ANY dog).

Would you want to walk past someones house to have their dog jumping all over you and not knowing their temper, I sure DONT.

Now I would call us Responsible Dog Owners.
Mrs Furious said…
And this is why we decided to bite the bullet and fully fence our property this week. Random dogs actually wander our yard sometimes. It's too much to worry about.

And while any dog can bite and be aggressive... which is why we want the fence... whether trained for fighting or not some breeds (pit bulls among them) are breed to have disproportionately stronger jaws (that is their breed). While my 17 pound dog could bite you he could not actually maul you.

I was at Carrier park with the girls when I saw more than one pitt bull being walked without a leash. Of course Pitt Bulls can be loving highly trained dogs... but you don't know if they are aggressive until they bite you. So if I don't know the dogs and I see loose ones we pack up and go home.
Anonymous said…
They weren't roaming the neighborhood. Being familiar with the area in a way or two, they were enclosed by way of an electric fence.

On another note, there was no beating off with a 2x4.

And once again on ANOTHER note. One it was not two pit bulls and a rottweiler.

Having first hand knowledge of this situation I can tell you that much of these facts have been misconstrued and are not at all how they happened.
Anonymous said…
While I do not know first hand what happened, I do know the owners and the dogs. Having said that, I still can't see how anyone can possibly make ANY excuse for their behavior. The child is fortunate to be alive. Does it really matter how the dogs were called off?, or where it took place? The fact is, a child was severely injured, and lucky to have survived. I feel for the dog owners, but can't fathom how anyone can value the life of an animal more than that of a human.
By the way, I am a dog owner and I do love dogs, just not to the extent that I would not immediately see to it that my own precious pooch would be put down if he threatened bodily harm in such a manner. My prayers are with the little girl and family, as well as the dog owners
Supermom said…
I agree.

The details really aren't all that important.

The little girl is! Her well being is all that matters.

She has been through an AWFUL ordeal and now will have to recover.

She gets my thoughts and prayers.
Monica said…
Anon... maybe you should set the uncle straight that had to use the 2x4 on the dogs. Apparently you were there and he was not. Underground fencing does nothing to a dog that large. If anything when they were shocked they say it as the child doing it triggering the attack. To clear up the issue too you may want to take to the judge that is allowing charges to be pressed against the owners. I'm sure the owners would surely be thankful for your support. BTW: yea your right they are at the shelter I saw them...their not 2 pits and a rotti... they are 2 goldens and a lab...Please give me strength!!! I'm sure the shelter can tell the difference in these dogs... A pit is a pit weather it is a mix or not. They have been bread over the years where the part of their brain that controls pain sences is basically non-exesistant and there nervous system is not developed right either. So when it comes to control and training... Their minds can't comperhend anything else when in a rage. My aunt had a pit,trained right and was a big lap puppy. But 2 children playing in the sand talking and laughing was what triggered him. We had to tackel him like a foot ball played because he had broke his leash nearly dragging my Aunt a half mile. He was familiar with klds my niece rode him like a pony and loved him to death. It is a scientific fact the brains of these dogs are not right on top of that they have jaws like a bulldozer.
Anonymous said…
I'm not denying he was there, I am just saying that the dogs were not beat off and there are no marks on them to prove that. Once again. They were not pits and a rotti. The news said that, and the shelter was trying to say that. When in actuality 1 is a pitt mix, the other is a lab mix, and another is a boxer mix.