Have you ever???

Been woken up by a SCREECHING duck at 5:30 am????? I am here to say that it wasn't amusing. It woke us both up thinking, "What the heck?" Then we realized a duck was at our window screeching. ~shaking head~ One of the hazards of living by a lake I suppose. It may be a small man made lake but still has all the lake critters to go with it.

I hope the ducks don't make it a habit to come hang out at our house that early again!

Today has been a wonderful wedding anniversary with my husband. I am really blessed to have him in my life. This may sound corny but "he does complete me". He's the jelly to go with my peanut butter. The icing to go on my cake. The mayo for my sandwich. The spring in my step. The water to go with my beach. You get the drift. He's all of that and more.

I found time to make a very small grocery list for later. Probably tomorrow. I am going to use what is in the house to cook with this week. I have stashed stuff in the freezer that will come in handy this week.

Here's a menu in no certain order.

Chicken with wild rice. Ham with creamed corn. Salmon loaf. Veggie burgers. Fiesta salad ~ a recipe from my new cookbook that Monica gave me for my birthday. Veggie night. Then we will have birthday celebration night. I am going to treat Superdad, H and B2 for a nice dinner over the weekend.

This is what my calendar looks like.

May 29 ~ My birthday
May 30 ~ Our anniversary
May 31 ~ My niece turns 4
June 3 ~ My granny's birthday
June 6 ~ Superdad's birthday
June 7 ~ My sister's birthday
June 8 ~ H's birthday
June 17 ~ My mamaw's birthday

There are a few other birthday's in June as well. Sooooooooo, I thought I would take Superdad, H and B2 out to celebrate all together! Of course all of us will go and have a fabulous time together! I even have a few surprises up my sleeve for them as well. Shhhhhhhhhhhhh......

You know I'll post how much I spent and how much I saved when I get back. I hope that everyone is enjoying their weekend. Thank you for our well wishes!!


Kelly said…
I have to say that I have never been woken by ducks! I have, however, been startled awake by the neighborhood foxes. They make the oddest sounds!

It looks like you have a busy few weeks ahead! Have fun!
Kelly said…
I have never had a duck wake me up, but I did wake up once with a cow staring in my bedroom window and licking the glass!
Supermom said…
If I saw a cow licking my window I think I'd freak out!


Then laugh and take lots of pictures and blog about it!

Thanks for sharing!!

Foxes make sounds??????? Umm, what sort of sound??