An email from Target:

Dear Superdad,

I am emailing you to confirm that Supermom did shop with us today!

We love to see her at the store because she is so friendly and always smiling. How did you get so lucky??


I know you cringe when you see the Target receipt come home but just know there WAS ZERO impulse buying. Supermom didn't even graze the 1.00 bins!!!!!!!!! We hate to praise her for that because we make a killing on those impulse buys but that is another story.

Supermom picked out 3 pairs of shoes for the girls. Two are matching sandals the others are Dora sneakers so Lil O wouldn't have a total meltdown in the shoe department.

She also picked up some awesome Target diapers and wipes for Baby M. She is such a savvy shopper!!!

I noticed her buying smaller panties. We praise her on the weight loss since having Baby M. Not that we are spying on her in the underwear section at all. We just thought that was cool! GO SUPERMOM!!!

We noticed she spent a bit of time in our food section. She thought it was awesome that our Hellman's mayo is cheaper than the grocery store. So she bought two. She loved that her Paul Newman's dressing is cheaper here too! She even gave another customer her coffee coupon because they were looking at that brand!!! Wow, super nice of her. She picked up cereal even though the coupons aren't on them anymore. It always nice to save loyal customers some dough by shopping in our grocery section.

She double checked the price of the vitamins for Lil O. We think that Lil O will love the Princess Gummy Vitamins! If not just bring those back! We know you will keep the receipt.

Gosh, we really think you should buy stock in tampons and panty liners! DUDE, you have 4 girls in the house!!!!!! We did give Supermom a 5.00 gift card for buying so many this time. We are trying to help you out any way we can.

Well, we thought you'd like to know she was here today and to prepare yourself for the receipt when you get home.

Best Wishes,
Your Local Target Store